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I'll tell you, I have had just about enough. My mom had the emergency open heart surgery, my brother in law is going to Mayo clinic for a second opinion on a thyroid nodule that is causing him to lose his voice, my friend Paul died, the guy who used to live across the alley died and then one who lived 2 doors from him died, my second cousin died, my brother's father in law died and it won't be a week since this all started until Thursday. I just want it to stop and I want Tom here with me to make it all better. I am really missing him and there is nobody here to talk to but the dog. Ihope it all stops before long because I don't know how much more I can take.

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(((((((((((Hugs)))))))))) Big hugs to you. This is quite a load in a short time Mary... ANYone would be feeling like you are.

I'm so very sorry for your losses. This is kinda horrendous.

I've gone through spells like this in my life before too. And in the midst of it I felt like it was all surreal. It was hard to believe. One night after another going to wakes. Having to decide which funerals to attend.. Awful time.

Every time the phone rang I winced thinking it was more bad news. And .. for awhile that news came fast and furious. I thought I wouldn't be able to handle it all. But I managed. I felt like I sure didn't have much left by the time I had attended the final wake & funeral. And for a bit after that.. I kept waiting for something else bad to happen. It was kinda like being shell shocked I guess. Took me a bit to recover and heal from all of that.

And I can only imagine how much you miss your dear Tom.

I know it will all stop someday for you. Things will go back to being a bit more calm and I hope that time comes soon. Til then.. please feel free to come here and share some of your feelings. But I know how overwhelming this can all be.

This time will indeed pass for you as it does eventually for everyone that experiences these seeming strings of crises and losses.

Til my times like that have passed though, I learned to keep life as simple as possible. Cry whenever I felt like it and not to judge myself. I tried to stay in the moment in front of me and closely watch how I spent my time and energy. It didn't make getting through it easy.. but I think doing those things may have made it a bit easier.

We're here for you.


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Oh Mary Linda:

I know this is very hard for you. My heart goes out to you having to deal with all this sadness by yourself. This is tough, but thank god that you have your health and your mom is on her way to recovery.

Make sure that you take care of yourself. Don't let all of this get you down. I know that is easy to say, but if you get yourself sick, you will be no good to yourself and your mom.

Things can only get better. I will pray for you.

Love and God Bless,


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Mary Linda,

As rough as it gets when you're overwhelmed by losses and problems, remember that this time is temporary -- it will pass and eventually, things will settle down again. Crises always find resolution somehow; it's just a question of hanging in there until it happens.

Whenever I'm being battered by one crisis or loss after another, I remember an old "Peanuts" cartoon. In it, Charlie Brown has had all the trouble he can stand and he screams, "That's it! I give up!" Then he thinks for a moment, puzzled, and asks, "Where do you go to give up?"

That one line -- "Where do you go to give up?" -- has gotten me through many bad times. It helps us realize that giving up isn't an option, that trouble won't go away no matter how much we wish for it to, and that we need to look within ourselves for ways to cope and carry on. The line also reminds us that though there is no place labeled "Line for giving up forms here," we have someone to go to: we can take our fears and sorrow to the Lord, put ourselves into His hands and have faith that He will give us strength to play out the hand we've been dealt.

I hope your series of losses will end soon. Blessings to you.

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Mary Linda,

That is alot of deaths to have to deal with and I know it is very overwhelming right now, I am so sorry. I had a few things piled on me for awhile too and I have to tell you that somehow you manage to get through it. I look back now and honestly I don't know how I did it, actually yes I do. I got through it with the support of friends and family and my family here and so will you because we are here for you too. Take each day at a time and take care of yourself and remember to come here often for support as we are always here for you.


Wendy :wub:

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Baby please know that you are not alone. I hate when people tell me "well I lost my sister 10 years ago so I know how you feel". Well SORRY this is my grief not yours. YOU dont know how I feel. I go into walmart and people are laughing and I want to tell them STOP dont you know my sister died and my dad is in ICU????? And that my brother is in a different hospital trying to learn how to eat again??? at 53 with a major stroke???? What I can tell you is that you have to talk about it. And you have to try to get some rest. I am having big time trouble sleeping. Keep writing on this site. Its really good to get it out. I even feel alittle better writing to you :-)

Geez I dont know if I helped you or me

Hang in there and get some rest


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