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Happy Birthday Mary Linda

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Thanks guys. It was nice because several people remembered my b'day but I've had kind of a lousy day. My family had to celebrate with me on Sat. because of basketball tournaments, boy scouts, class, etc so I've been by myself just thinking about how much I miss Tom. Whoever thought I'd celebrate my b'day by going to grief support, but at least I was lucky enough to have these wonderful people and you guys to support me.

B'days were always a big deal around our house and even though we might have to celebrate on a different day I always had Tom here with me on the actual date. Now all I can do is miss him. I just don't know when I'll ever start to get over this.

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Mary Linda,

I don't know how I missed this yesterday but I hope your day was special anyway. My first birthday without George, no one called, no one sent a card or said Happy Birthday, no presents, nothing. I cried myself to sleep because it was such a stark contrast to when George was alive...he always made a big deal out of birthdays, holidays, everything, he was the joy in life!



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Happy Birthday, Mary Linda! I'm the world's worst at remembering birthdays. After 26 years, I still can't tell you exactly what day in August my SIL's b/day is! I'll respond here to your post on another thread about taking a meal to those who's anniversary/special day is coming up. What a lovely thought from a caring woman - Marsha

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