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Yiany's Birthday

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I want you to know I am thinking about you today, and wishing Yiany a happy birthday...know that he is somewhere out there waiting for you.



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My drear friends Im thankfull for your posts today in a few hours Im going to the cemetery to pray for my mother and bring flowers for Yiany.I dont realy believe in rituals of the church but I know my mother did so the 9th day after death you have to go to the grave.I did not want to go after Yiany died but now Im going to visit both of them at the same grave.Im in shock I dont believe what is happening in my life.IM sooo scared for my sons baby to be born healthy and well. I do need your prayers.Life is so unforseen.IM scared and depressed .I can not pray to have my life back but I pray with all my heart for the new life that is coming to the family.Please pray for me for the baby for me to find some strength and face what is left of my life.I had soo much pain loosing Yiany and it hurts every day then my daughter in law lost the baby she was expecting at 4 months of pregnacy now my mother is gone. All of my family is hoping for the baby.Please be here with me.THANK YOU.Love from far away TENY

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I feel so badly because I was going to write this first thing this morning and now the day is over. I hope things went better than you expected. Your daughter in law didn't have the baby today, did she? I was almost hoping she would.

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