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Always Raining


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I went to a place that I've always loved for it's serenity. A lake in the White Mountains of Az. It was peaceful but stormy. This poem came to me there.

My Dearest Jon,

I know you cannot hear me,

Your on the Other side,

But you are always on my mind,

The pain, it tries so hard to hide,

It's like the building Thunder clouds

That are holding back their tears,

They join like thoughts that bubble and build, darkening and swelling as they grow,

Then lightening bolts of anger

That flash across the sky,

The thunder loud and fearful, and then there comes the rain,

At first it's soft and gentle, and then pours out it's pain.

Why, oh why, can I not cry?

I love you so much, but yet,

I know your in a better place, but still, I have regrets,

Why did I not spend more time with you, while you were here with me?

One day time may set me free, just like the passing storm,

but for now, I'm in this place,

and inside my heart-it's ALWAYS raining!

All my love, Mom

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Dear Kathy,

Thank you for sharing this. It is very poignant. I can feel your pain in the words you wrote.

Praying you find peace,


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