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"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." Happy Birthday Rick Hoping the angels are blowing their horns and you are having angel food cake...Love you forever and always Brenda

This is what I posted on my Facebook page today. Today after one year I went and got Ricks mom to go with me to the cemetery. We took balloons and I took him a cesaer his favorite drink chap-stick and BBQ Fritos. His mom had a chuckle at that. It was nice that she came with me. It meant a lot to me. We are getting back to the way we used to be. I missed her phone calls and visits. Havent got a visit yet but its progress. I made rick a card and put this verse on it. With Ricks picture. I came home sad and teary but happy at the same time if that is possible. Just reconciling with his mom makes me feel better cause it has be hard with all the tension but that seems to have disappeared. I know it was hard for her this last year to but now we are back the way it was before or at least i hope so..

Birthdays In Heaven

Are there birthdays in Heaven?

Does the angel blow his horn?

Announcing to everybody

That this is the day you were born?

Can the stars be your balloons

And angel food your cake?

Presents wrapped in moonbeams

All the angels helped to make.

Birthdays meant so much to you

They were always a big deal

Birthday presents, lots of friends

And perhaps a special meal.

So I'll whisper a little prayer today

Asking everyone up above

To sing you a Happy Birthday song

And give you all my love.

~ Author unknown~

Love you forever and always.. Brenda xoxoxoxoxo


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There has to be some kind of celebration in heaven for those who are there are so special! I hope your day went well and I appreciated your sharing the poem with us.


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Thank you for sharing, and Happy Birthday, Rick!

It is Scott's birthday on May 31, a day I am not looking forward to...

Scott loved bbq Fritos, too, but I could never find them in the store! :rolleyes:


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