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Very Uplifting Articles And Book - Patrick Mathews - Spiritual Medium.

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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share this with you. I have been really feeling down and missing my Dad terribly. Patrick Mathew's book, Never Say Goodbye has lifted me up and given me some hope. I did have a reading with Patrick a couple of years ago after my friend passed away from cancer. It brought me such comfort.

It is an excellent book. It tells you how you too can connect with your loved ones in the afterlife. You CAN continue to have a loving relationship with your loved ones on the other side. He explains the signs and has simple exercises for you to do to connect with your loved ones in Spirit. I highly recommend this book. I keep on re-reading certain parts that bring me comfort.

The Section about questions most asked is great. I love his answers to the questions.

Back of book.

Your Loved Ones Are Still With You.

"The end of physical life does not have to mean the end of a day-to-day relationship with the people we love. Renowned medium Patrick Mathews reveals that we don't have to let go of family and friends on the other side - in fact, they benefit as much from ongoing communication as we do.

Along with a treasury of heartwarming, compelling, and sometimes humorous true stories from his work as a medium, Mathews provides answers to the questions he is most often asked about life in Heaven. Never Say Goodbye will help you learn how to recognize spirit communication and establish an ongoing relationship with those in spirit through simple meditations and other practices".

An Interview with Patrick Mathews


Never Say Goodbye to your Loved Ones in Spirit by Patrick Mathews.


Patrick Mathews' Website


I hope this book also brings you some comfort and hope.

Sending you all hugs, love, comfort and strength.


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I believe that. I have had it happen. I was driving home one day and tiold my Scott I wanted to move on. I told him I was going to remember all the things he told me about his being bad to girls before me. I wanted to be mad at him(he always treated me like a goddess and fidelity was our only rule).I told him I loved and missed him but wanted to get mad at him. I never lose my temper or get mad, never at him in all those years. That night I dreamed (visitation) and he was there. He told me I changed for you. I never was bad to you. I changed. He heard me and wanted credit he had changed and didn't want me to be mad. I acknowledged it when I woke. I told him, I heard you, Scott. I won't be mad. Then I called his sister and told her.LindaKay

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Dear LindaKay,

What a beautiful dream visitation from Scott. He has changed when he was here in the physical form because of the special person you are. He wanted/wants to be that special person to you. You two have a very special bond. He is around you and he can hear you. He doesn't want you to be mad but to be happy and to think of the good times you both shared. He understands that you want to move on and that is okay. Our loved ones want us to be happy. I know that is easier said than done. When we are happy they are also happy.

Sending you hugs, love, comfort and strength.


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Dear Kavish,

Your precious Dabby IS close by you and watching over you. We all have a special connection to our loved ones that can never be broken. It continues to grow stronger every day.

I too wish I had the ability to be a medium so I could connect with my loved ones more easily. You CAN find your way to Dabby. I'm sure you have already had signs and dreams from her telling you she is around you. This book goes into more depth on the actual signs our loved ones are making contact with us. It is so wonderful that we can continue to have a loving relationship with our loved ones in the afterlife. It is possible. That is what keeps me going.

You are absolutely right that she is here and everywhere, in the breeze and in the stillness. She is all around you. You just can't see her with your earthly eyes.

Sending you hugs, love, comfort and strength.


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Dear Butterfly9,

Thank-you for the information regarding Patrick Matthews.

I hope this is not too personal of a question, but are you considering having another reading from him?

Was your previous reading via the telephone?

I am considering meeting with a medium, but finding someone via 'word of mouth' is not too easy.

I find it very difficult to simply trust someone I have not ever met...

In the meantime I will try and find his book.

Thanks again, it was just what I needed to see this morning!


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Dear Karen,

You're welcome. No, that question is not too personal. Not at this time since I recently had a reading with George Anderson in April. I recommend both Patrick Mathews and George Anderson. They are both excellent Mediums and very personable. I had both of my readings over the phone. I was able to tape record them.

I have heard a lot of great things about both of these mediums. I'm sure there are a lot of other mediums that are just as good. It is good to do some research. I can understand where you are coming from of not trusting someone you have not met.

You can find the book cheaper on Amazon. I just love this book. I believe it will also bring you some comfort. When I had my reading, I also read somewhere that we have to let them go and that we are holding them back. Yes, we have to continue on with our lives as best we can and our loved ones are doing the same. However, that does not mean we cannot have a continuing loving relationship with them. We can. Patrick said the same thing years ago as the title of his book. I am not holding my loved ones back. He says they benefit from the continuing relationship and contact as much as we do.

You say, "it was just what I needed to see this morning"! Many times our loved ones in the afterlife direct us to people, things or this post etc. because they seem to know what will help us or what we need. Isn't that wonderful? They continue to guide us and help us in our lives.

The ADC and Resources link that Marty posted has excellent information. Thanks Marty.

Sending you hugs, love, comfort and strength.


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  • 4 weeks later...

Hello Butterfly 9,

It has been almost a month since I have read your note.

I have not contacted either of the mediums, yet.

I should really do so, although I would really like to have an in-person one on one.

Did you really believe you were speaking with you dear dad? Was is very clear?

How incredible that must have been!

Have you read "Hello from Heaven?' One of the first books written on the subject, and it is so simply beautiful.

I know I should begin a meditation process, I just do not want to be still! I need to keep busy, so I do not think too much.

But of course my mom is always on my mind.

I have read that through your own practise of meditation, you can still you mind, raise it's vibrations to meet those of your loved ones.

I do believe that, as that what mediums do.

I am still very very sad, and at times tired of 'the good fight' that I am trying to win. To continue on, to live through this.

I think having a family, your your own kids, would really help one to live.

Anyways, I digress!

I will continue to research the afterlife, and hopefully find the right time for the right medium.

All the best,


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Dear Butterfly9,

I have just read some of your previous posts, and in doing so, have answered some of my questions.

I wish I had more time to read and write..everyone writes so beautifully. I really feel at home, surrounded

by so many people who are going through the same thing, feeling the same, asking the same questions,

looking for the same answers.

It is so funny, as "Every Breath You Take' by the Police is on the radio. It comes on the radio, very very often

when I am on this site. Now my mom did not really know of the 'Police,' or Sting...but it DOES make me smile, as in the lyrics

of 'I'll be watching you.' It makes feel comforted.

One time for sure, a couple of weeks after my dear sweet mom crossed over, I had just finished teaching a dance class, and was holding in my tears.

I got into the van, and burst into a flood of tears. Before, on my journey to the studio, I had changed radio stations a few times...not sure what channel.

So there I was driving, crying really quite heavily, and inbetween a sob, I heard Alan Jackson, and he was singing the chorus of that song of his...'Sissey's Song.'

And I realized if I just shut up for a moment I could hear these beautiful words, as if my mom was talking to me. Which I believe she was.

So I listened, stopped crying so loud. My mom had always told me not to cry so much, I think it breaks her heart to hear me crying all the time.

So this would be a sign, where I knew in my heart, I could feel it so strong, not a mere coincidence.

But it is true, that our faith in the afterlife (and in life in general!) is a bit shattered when we experience a loss.

I never questioned it before, as I have had a few experiences myself, as did my mother.

But now I question things that happen to me, but if I heard them happening to someone else, I would say 'of course that is your loved one communicating to you.'

That is why it is so strengthening to read everyone's thoughts and experiences.

All the best to everyone,


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Oh guess who? It is me again!!!

I just replayed 'Missy's Song' by Alan Jackson.

Alan Jackson was one of my mom's favourite singers.

I am sure she had this song before.

There is a line in that beautiful, so meaningful chorus...

'Don't worry about me.'.....

Now on that day of my mom's cremation, our family was offered coloured pens

to write on her coffin. I must say, it was odd...but once we started writing, it was ok

I wrote some words of love, then I added

ps. 'Don't worry about me.' And I smiled because it felt so perfect.

I just realized that connection.

I must say I felt my mom's presence in those days following her passing...she was always with me,

I heard her voice in my soul,..I feel she carried me through those days, as I would never have made it

without her by my side. I picked all her country music for the celebration of her life, read her eulogy, designed her program, and made

the DVD of her photos and music. The only thing I forgot...was a cross on the alter beside all the flowers and her photos. I realized that

a week later, whilst at my aunt's funeral, when I saw her cross. Ooops. I am not very religious in that way, and I am sure if mom wanted a cross, she would

have found a way to have one.

Tonight is one of those nights where I just cannot eat...I just want to be alone, and cry.

It will help me to heal.

Thank-you for listening,


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Dear Karen,

Take your time researching before you find the special Medium you feel comfortable with. Yes, an in-person session with a Medium would be wonderful.

Yes, I truly believe my Dad was communicating. He described his passing and said that he is back to his old self and he is walking again. There are other things too that only my Dad knows. Other relatives came through who have passed. It was an awesome experience. Yes, it was very clear. If something doesn't make sense the Medium will ask them to give more details.

I too have read "Hello from Heaven". It is an excellent book. It definitely shows that everyone all over the world experience ADCs.

I haven't been practicing my meditations lately. I should at least start out with 10 minutes a day and work up to 30 minutes. It is hard to clear our cluttered minds with everything that goes on in our lives. My Dad is on my mind all the time. They say let the clutter come through and let it go. Don't try to fight it. That is how you clear your mind. It takes practice they say to clear your mind and then you can meditate. It does bring your vibration up so you can communicate with loved ones in the Afterlife. You might hear sentences in your own voice but you know it isn't you saying it because those are words you would not use. I just have to stick with it. They say practice makes perfect. Don't give up on your meditation.

The journey we are all on is a very difficult one. We all have our very bad days and then there might be days where it is okay. It is only natural. Our loved ones on the other side are by our side every step of the way. I'm sure when one has children, it might keep one's mind off of the sad times more.

Even though your Mom did not know the song, "Every Breath you Take, I'll be watching you" can be a sign from your Mom to comfort you. You said the words bring you comfort and I truly believe it is a sign from your Mom because it seems to happen a lot. I have heard the 'Sissey's Song and it is beautiful. Your Mom sent you that song to comfort you. There are no consciences. That is great that you made the connection with the Alan Jackson song and the lyrics, "Don't Worry about me".

That is true that when we lose a precious loved one, it does shatter our Faith and belief in the Afterlife. We struggle as we try to find our Faith again.

You are right, your Mom would have found a way if she really wanted a cross at her Celebration of Life Ceremony. She understands how hard it has been for you.

There are days where we just want to be alone so we can cry. That is natural. Know that your Mom loves you very much. She is still a part of your life, she always will be

Dear Anthony,

I'm so glad you bought the book and it has helped you and brought you comfort. I totally agree that the book is worth thousands because of the comfort it brings. It put a smile on my face to know that this book has also helped another person.

Sending you hugs, love, comfort and strength.


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