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"perfect Love"

Jay Wyatt

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Perfect Love

The love of my life, my companion, my wife

Has gone home to heaven, she took that great flight.

God blessed me with her, when we were both young

So full of life, alive and high-strung.

We saw much sunshine; we went through much rain

Good times and bad times, laughter and pain.

Sometimes we laughed, and sometimes we cried

But what ever we went through, she stayed by my side.

She always loved me, no doubt in my mind

Caring, compassionate, forgiving and kind.

Her last years were painful, her last days were rough

And though she was suffering, she stayed faithful and tough.

She couldn't eat, and she couldn't walk

And in her last hours, she couldn't even talk.

But now she is feasting and singing glad songs

And on streets of gold, she is running along.

Safe in the presence, of her Savior and Lord

Her battle is over, her body's restored.

Good people pass away, often before their time

But those who follow godly paths, rest in peace when they die.

I'm sad and I'll miss her, I'm grieved and I'm hurt

Because she's up in Heaven and I'm still on earth.

But I'll see her again; I'll be with her someday

Because Jesus my Savior, has provided the way.

I loved her, the only way I knew how

My love wasn't perfect, but she's loved perfect now.

In loving memory of my precious wife Mary

© 2010 by Jay Wyatt

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Jay, what a beautiful poem and testament to the love you shared with your wife. Absolutely wonderful!

Thank you, Carol Ann

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