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Loneliness is visiting me once again this morning. He always shows up unannounced and at the most inconvenient time. Loneliness never calls to see if it is ok for him to stop by. Instead, he just shows up and walks right in without even knocking on the door. While he is here he demands all of my attention. If I go into another room he follows me. If I try to go on with my usual task’s he is right there in my face taunting me. If I tell him to leave he just sits there and stares back at me as if he doesn’t hear me. Loneliness is not a good friend to have. He is very pessimistic, a ‘glass half empty’ kind of person. He reminds me about time that I have to spend without Mary now instead of the wonderful time that we did spend together. He reminds me that my life is half over now instead of the future plans that God holds for me. He reminds me that all of the traditions that we had will never be the same now. I can hear his voice in the silence or in the tic tock of the clock on the wall. He shouts over top of the television or radio. Everywhere I look I see him and everywhere I turn He is there. How can I escape from the presence of loneliness? I will fix my eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of my faith. I will turn my ear to Him who promised to never leave me nor forsake me. Jesus stands at the door and knocks. I will invite Him in and loneliness will have to leave. You see, loneliness will only hang around as long as he has my undivided attention.

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Loneliness is a persistent visitor. It helps to keep busy, make plans, etc.

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