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I just feel such a grateful heart to all of you here. I feel I want to offer you all hope and faith that you too will get to wear I am in this journey. When you feel and see nothing but darkness, I pray the sun to shine for you. When you feel all alone and not one soul understands, I do. When you are missing your loved one so, I pray you feel their love all around you and in the air that you breathe. Tonight I am not sleeping for I feel excitement for what may lie ahead for me in my life for the first time since Melissa's death. I never thought I would get here and I did. You will too.

I pray for peace upon your heart, and however tiny the Light feels within you, it is yours and yours alone, I pray the Light just grows and grows for you.

I exchanged email addresses with the man I met at the Memorial Service. It was like Melissa was right there beside me, her hand in mine as I offered my email address to this grief stricken man.

I am grateful to God, my Higher Power, for the many blessings in my life.

Courage and Blessings, Carol Ann

ps: I bought a tree decoration today, a cystal isicle(spelling?), it represents all of you here, and others on other forums on this site, and Marty. It now hangs next to the dove ornament. I bought an isicle, because it represents our tears of healing and I have never known one tear that was wasted.

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Hi Carol Ann,

I too am grateful for everyone here. I just told one of my friends the other day that when I am with my everyday friends and am experiencing grief....I feel like I am losing it, I feel like I am insane. Yet, when I am with my friends here in this forum....I feel like I fit right in, I feel comfort and even though I still feel the grief - it is like I am more at peace with it when I am surrounded by people experiencing much of the same things.

So I say thank you to you Carol Ann - and to all our other friends here.



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Thank you Carol Ann for your thoughts for us. I stumbled upon this site one night early in my loss of Don. I am grateful for it because it also alows me to have someone to "talk" with, when things are so quiet at home. And everyone does understand. I find your posts quite positive, and as I look back on them, have noticed a difference in your writings for they are more full of hope and positive feelings than they were when I joined. I too have grown more calm, more accepting of the loss of Don and know that I'll be OK. Thanks to Marty for hosting this place where we can heal. And thanks to all of my new friends for helping.

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Carol Ann, How very sweet! I'll be putting a tear drop on my Christmas tree too...to remind me not only of the tears represented by this group, but the hope of us all getting through it together.

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