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Walt...how strange your wife died within days of her birthday...so did George (five days after his birthday).

I know you will keep her in your memory and are awaiting rejoining her, bless your heart. They are never forgotten.

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hellow my far away friend .Im here reading but not posting cause it has been like you more than 4 years and it will be very desapointing for new ones here.Wish you some happines.my birthday was also the 11 of april.thinking of you.Teny

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It was so good to get on here tonight and see all the "oldies" replying too you. I don't get on as often but still think about every one. I still remember you putting Jeannie's picture at her table setting for Thanksgiving the first year I was on here.

I hope you did OK on the anniversary but am realitively sure it is like most, the anticipation is worse than the day itself.

Thinking of you,

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