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Today is the 6th month anniversary, or I prefer angelversary, of my husband's passing. It comes with mixed emotions. I miss him more than life itself, but I had a wonderful week with his family. I went to visit his mother and siblings, spenting some fun time in Chicago with his sister. Then we took the train to southern Ill. where his brother and mother live. Spent quality time with them sharing stories, memories and digging out the box of photographs. It was therapuetic for all of us. Lots of tears, laughs and smiles. We went to some of his favorite boyhood places and scattered some ashes. It felt so good to be with them and now I am alone at home and the waterworks are flowing. This thing called grief is a long hard road. Overall, I think I am moving forward, but sometimes it seems it is at a snails pace.

Peace and Hugs


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Becky glad you are well, will be thinking of you today.......moving forward, yes it seems to be a snails pace, a monumental task! For today I just feel odd, lack of a better word, like I dont know what I am doing, but must go out and do something......if that makes any sense....Have been frequently thinking of moving from az lately, would like a fresh start......will wait several months more to make a decision.....have hesitated to plant anything here in my yard with Mikes ashes, but recently found a cheap beautifull Magnolia tree.....am thinking about putting a little of his ashes in the ground around the tree and get it established before I move......think it would be a beautifull tribute to him and our time in our home.... Take care! Dave

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Becky, I like this word, it's an apt description.

I'm sorry today has the waterworks on, but it's understood, it takes time and six months is not enough time. I'm glad you were with family.

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Dear Becky,

I understand when you say, you miss him more than life itself. You are so right, I would give anything to have Pauline back again, but not all the pain she suffered.

I like what you did going on a trip and getting some enjoyment back into your life. That is progress, getting back into the light of life again, and among the living again. You have made so much progress in these last couple months. It makes, me proud of you. As you, know way to well there is another wave heading your way, one that we cannot stop but just let it happen. That wave will pass also, then someday you will be on the calm waters of life again. You will always have Randy by your side, in every walk of life you travel.

God Bless, My Dear Friend Becky,


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