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It's been a couple of weeks, but a lot has occurred since then.

Keep going strong everybody!

Quick summary.

Didn't pursue the work as an extra.

Created a fictional short film on bath salts. One week later, it was picked by a production company associated with DirectTv and has been extended to an hour. Several phone conferences and paperwork later- pre-production will begin soon. The air date goal for AFC is in January.

After reading Dave's story, I decided to see a medium. I was completely skeptical, but the man had books out and had been featured on television. He completely surprised me with his accuracy. To the point he quoted something Deric would say often.

I started attending church on Sundays. A Christian service that's unlike other churches. It's nice to try something new at your comfort than going somewhere where people shove things down your throat.

Beyond all that, I still tend to run off to the car in the parking lot and talk to Deric every couple of days. Though I know he can't hear me, it's just nice to vent out and cry out the pain that tends to build up.

With revenue that I'll receive from the film - I've considered to start a scholarship fund in dedication to him. He always told me education was important factor. He'd even lend his friends money for school. I see it as way he can still contribute to help others even after his passing.

Best wishes everybody!

xoxo, Stacy.

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Your positive energy is uplifting and good, I feel this is just great for you..it's so good to hear and see such progress being made, you should be very proud...as far as Deric hearing you, I just say keep an open mind, I not so sure any of us really know what those who have passed can hear, see, and feel...it's also great you are finding comfort in faith, that has gotten be farther thru this grief journey more than anything...


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Dear Stacy,

I am glad to see the steps you have taken in a positive way. I like the fact that you found a church that can give you comfort and at the same time help to heal your soul. I sing in my church choir now, and really enjoy doing it. We performed last Sunday for my first time. It was very up lifting.

I really like that you are exposing the issue with the bath salts. It is something that many people do not know that goes on every single day. Bring it into the light and shine with knowing that you may be saving some young persons life by doing this. If you can save one life it is worth it and you will be enriched by it.

Don't worry about talking to Deric, and letting the tears flow out I talk to Pauline all the time, I cry when a wave hits, and one hit me last week, that I did not see coming at all. On my birthday, I went for my walk and a small yellow rose bud was waiting for me to come by. They were Pauline's favorite color rose, so I cut it and brought it home. I put in a vase on my table. I spent the day with my friend Greg, and Donna invited me to eat dinner with them. It was a really good day, but my mind was with Pauline and from time to time all day, long the tears flowed out. I could not help it or wanted to either. It is very healing to get the tears and emotions out.

You have my support and I know you will do great things with your life, your new life, with new goals, and ideas to get out. Keep going with anything you set your eyes on. You are not alone, we all go though our grief different and at a different pace, but I like what I see in you, and you can and will make a difference in others that you may not even know. Your spirit glows with goodness and love. Just like mine, and it draws people to you, like it does me. Go with it and run into your dreams and goals, that you have set out for.

God Bless


The Best and Most Beautiful Things in Live, cannot be Seen or even Touched. They Must be Felt with the HEART!!!!! Helen Keller

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Stacyines, This is a great report! What a great idea, to start a scholarship program in his name! I'm glad you found a church you like, I agree, no one likes things shoved down their throat, if it's not considerate and respectful, it's not for me! Good for you and congratulations on the work!

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