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Walking With The Bereaved

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I shared it on my friend's wall on FB, she lost her husband last month. Thank you for sharing this!

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You are all most welcome. I sent it to some folks, posted it on Facebook and sent it to my family....I think it is one of many good resources.

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Thank you so much for sharing Walking with the Bereaved. Today, my Women's Support Group met. I took copies and shared with the girls. Our program is generally going around the table and discussing what's going on with each of us. Today, we spent quite a bit of time discussing the statements that spoke to us. It was really helpful to hear from everyone.

One of the girls who usually does not have much to say, had quite a bit to say about several of the statements. It was a really good session.

Thank you for being there, even though you didn't know you were! :D


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