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Still doing my homework to deal with my cat's death - Sir Greysby - after a 30-day battle he had with pancreatitis.

Has anyone lost a pet to illness, wherein they watched their pet looking more-and-more sickly, and have those images burned into the mind?

Can one experience a certain amount of shock from this?

I've struggled with those images, especially the last 6-days of his life. I never went through this before, and as much as I attempt to out-run the thoughts, the last days of his life come back to me.

Also, I am still trying to get past feeling guilty about his being euthanized. The morning that he and I got up, he tried to socialize and nuzzled me with his head. Later that day, I took him to the Vet, because he wasn't eating again and was looking more boney and fragile. The Vet told me he was terminal and likely had only days to live and that he was in a lot of pain. She said the most humane thing I could do for him was to put him to sleep.

He trusted me and I feel that I somehow betrayed him.



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My dear, I can assure you that the reactions you describe are normal under the circumstances you describe.

I'd like to point you to some resources that I hope will prove helpful to you. Make sure that you follow some of the links embedded in the text, and see some of the Related Articles and Resources listed at the base of each post:

Pet Loss: Guilt In The Wake of The Euthanasia Decision

Nightmares and Bad Dreams in Grief

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Sir Greysby is such a sweet looking cat. I am so very sorry that you lost him and that you are having such a hard time.

My experience with my Benji also left me so upset. He was the funniest, most wonderful Shipperke/Poodle in the world.

We found one another when I went to a rescue center looking for a forever dog to love after my husband died several months earlier.

I was only graced with his presence for one short year because he suffered multiple seizures ~ it was terrifying to see and I felt so very helpless.

Finally, the seizures took a toll on his little heart. Those last days stayed with me for several months but as time passed it has become easier.

It is my understanding that when a VET says it is time to euthanize an animal it usually is for the best. The last thing any of us would want is to have our pet in pain.

I do not feel that you "betrayed" your Mr. Greysby rather you loved him so much you did what was best for him so he would not suffer anymore.


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yes, King George died after battling cancer. He'd been misdiagnosed or I wouldn't have kept him alive so long. I don't feel guilty for euthanizing him, I feel bad that he stuck around the last month, suffering needlessly. He'd always been a robust cat, but was 15% UNDERweight at the end. That haunts me. It was gradual so not so noticeable as if it'd been all at once. I console myself with the fact that he had a good life and knew he was loved, I was with him at the end.

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My first dog, a german shepard died from cancer. She kept getting fatter and fatter in her belly region and sagging, it looked like she was pregnant. It broke my heart to look at her and yet it has been over 40 years and I still can see that image, but it doesn't bring all the emotion it once did. Time does heal believe me. I have had five dogs die and it gets harder for me to let each one go. I wasn't there when they put my puggy to sleep and my son was. I felt so weak and chicken and guilty that I was there to say goodby. I have lost so many people and animals in my life, I sometimes am amazed I am still going strong and not destroyed from all the grief!!!

You did do the right thing and most kind thing for your pet. Do not doubt yourself, your pet is happy, at peace, playing running, and knows how much you loved him or her. deber114

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