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    Kathy taught me how to love and will remain in my heart for all time. Only because of what she taught me can I love once again.
    I am Patty's biggest fan. She teaches me courage.

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  1. So absolutely true. She teaches me courage.
  2. Yes it's nice to hear your words again Robin.
  3. Last weekend we both had a change of venue and went to Santa Ynez in California. It was so wonderful to leave the stress of work behind if just for a few days. The hardest part is saying goodbye but it is what it is till we get to say goodbye no more. But for a while she can leave the worry and stress behind and smile the most beautiful smile.
  4. Congratulations Maryann ! Such great news.
  5. "Perhaps one day".. Might be good words for now. Seven weeks is so soon to even make such a decision I'm thinking. Take it from someone who split up his wife's ashes to please his in laws. I knew it was wrong but I knew what they felt. Luckily for me they gave them back to me saying they knew it was wrong to split them. Had they not done that I would have regretted the decision forever. In time you will know what is right.
  6. Sometimes when it seems the darkest, Ron's dream transforms itself into his love for you. It is you dear love that keeps his legacy alive. It resides inside you and shall last forever. Perhaps even in Maui Pasta Arizona.
  7. "Angel on earth" Boy does that not describe them well Anne. We have a few walking among us and I need not mention names.
  8. Kathy and I both knew and talked about how we never would have been right for each other had we met earlier in life. I for one was way too immature and had a hell of a lot of growing up to do. The one thing that sticks in my mind about our earlier lives is how she never married till she met me knowing all of the men she had met and been involved with were just not who she wanted to marry. She never wanted to marry anyone till she met me and she never wanted children until she met me. Sadly we both knew we were too far along in life to have had children together yet that was a source of sadness for her. Today I wish we had for as I was talking with Patty last night she had the same experience and we both today would have a child we would be raising on our own. The truth is however we would have had a piece of them and that would have been sweet and wonderful. It is interesting reading what some of you have written about the evolution of a marriage and how some people change together over time and grow together while some grow apart. I know my first marriage of twenty years was neither. We were never right for each other and we never changed who we were. We just endured twenty years of bad road.
  9. Someone quite close to me shared her perspective about our lives and the lessons we are supposed to learn. I am slowly coming to understand that concept and while I felt for years that life was standing still I just knew there had to be a reason that Kathy died so young and left me behind. Keep in mind that "Phil" didn't learn lessons right away in the movie but after enough time he did. A love as deep as we have all shared cannot be for nothing. Love that important has to have a meaning, a purpose, and yes perhaps a lesson. Hard as it is to keep faith I think it is what we must do. Perhaps we have already learned something. We have begun to do tasks only they could do when we were a couple. One day we might realize how proud they are of us. I sure hope so anyway.
  10. Maryann happy belated birthday from me too. I hope you enjoyed your time off with the nice weather,
  11. Butch I am so sorry to hear this. Yes we pray for your family and you. We're with you my friend.
  12. I wanted to mention Kay how nice it was to see your pieces that you contributed to the art auction in Patty's home. She had bought them at the auction and I remember packing them for travel back to Maui. Nice to see them again. Glad you have the eye surgery behind you! As time passes we find a comfort growing between new love and grief. You are right about the "coin" and these two emotions can live along side each other but never shall they replace one or the other. We seem to slip into grief and sadness often together at the same time yet we allow that of each other. Then we bask in the joy that is our lives now. This is not easily explained but feels so natural. I never imagined I would ever find myself in such a place but I am so very grateful to be here.
  13. She sings when she cooks. That is when she is the happiest. Alfredo sauce............to die for. Trust me on that. I thought I died and went to heaven.