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  1. You will have lovely memories to help you through. Would of been my Archie’s 10th birthday last month. Love to you all
  2. Thinking of you Kayc, may all your beautiful memories of Arlie bring you comfort today x
  3. I am so sorry for your loss, I lost my 9 year old cavalier Archie suddenly in July. Every day is so hard, especially now at Christmas time. Thinking of you all in this group. Love, hugs and peace
  4. Sending get well wishes to your Marble. My thoughts and prayers are with you
  5. Thank you. It’s that thought that keeps me going
  6. Can’t believe it’s been 9 weeks today since I lost my Archie, miss him so much, can’t get used to everyday life without him. Lovely memory of my last mothers day with him at the beach in March. Wishing you all peace, they will always be with us
  7. I am lucky to have her as a friend, sorry to hear about that person upsetting you Kayc, you are such a good person and don’t deserve that, I have 2 daughters but now I have lost Archie it feels like I have lost my only son. This group has been so supportive for us all, we are always here and you will always have your wonderful memories of life with Arlie x
  8. Hi hope everyone is doing ok, nearly bedtime here which I dread as another day over without seeing Archie (8 weeks tomorrow since he passed) . A good friend who lost her dog just before Christmas is very understanding, she has kindly sewed together Archie’s 2 favourite blankets and made 3 blankets out of them for myself and my 2 daughters, I have mine on my bed and it is such a comfort and still smells of him! Wishing you all peace
  9. Another long lonely night without Archie, just sitting here looking at his toys and blankets. Miss him so much but remembering the happy years he had with us, trying not to think about the vet we saw before he passed. Hope everyone is doing ok
  10. I am so sorry for your loss, I lost my dog Archie unexpectedly 6 weeks ago, after the vet who saw him twice beforehand didn’t seem concerned about him though! He was my little son. They make up so much of our daily routine for many years, I am finding it very difficult and painful. Get through the days and nights as best you can, being on here is good for comfort and support. Wishing you peace
  11. I am so sorry for your loss of Clarice, what a lovely little dog, it is such a shock when they go, 6 weeks tomorrow will be when I lost my little Archie unexpectedly. I blamed my partner at first. I have a couple of places in the house with Archie’s fave toys, bed, collar etc to focus on and remember him, hopefully something like that will help you. Keep in touch on here, it is a big source of support as we are all going through same thing at different stages. I still find 1st thing and the evenings too difficult, look after yourself, sleep when you can. My thoughts are with you
  12. I am so sorry for the loss of Ellie. It is awful to have to go through this. My dog Archie passed at home 12 July aged 9. He was showing signs of old age and ill for a week and we told the vet on 2 visits we thought he had a stroke but the vet didn’t seem too concerned. He was at home with us all that day where he always loved to be which gives me some comfort, I am sure Ellie was feeling the same, in the home she loved, you have looked after her so well. Your kids will have lovely memories of her as they grew up, my 14 year old says she can’t remember her life before Archie was in it, that’s how much they are part of our families. I have one of Archie’s toys on the sofa next to me for now in the evenings and take his collar with me when on a walk, try anything that can give you comfort, don’t worry about your kids seeing you upset, it’s understandable at this time. Take each day at a time, as I am doing. Keep posting on here, I have found so much support on here, it really helps, hope it helps you too.
  13. Hope you are ok today Kayc, it’s 5 weeks today since I last saw Archie. I still cry every day but not as often, more a tiring heaviness and deep sadness. Being on here helps so much. Thinking of you all
  14. Hope you are doing ok today Kayc, what lovely memories you have of Arlie, what a lovely dog. You offer so many kind words and support to us all, he had a great life with you.
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