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In Loving Memory Of Jean Marie

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Born: April 11, 1946

Died: April 13, 2005

I have no idea how I have survived this long without my dearest Jeannie, but undoubtedly on-line Support Groups like this one have helped immensely. The support and caring from people who truly understand grief plays a major role, and I sincerely thank everyone here who has contributed to my survival to this point.

I promised Jeannie that I would try my best to carry on, and I believe that I have kept good on that promise. How much longer I can keep on trying is highly doubtful, but I guess it will just be one day at a time.

I am sorry that I can’t be more positive and offer more support to others on this journey, so perhaps I will just wallow in private rather than take hope away from others.

This is for Jeannie, my wife for over 40 years. - Love is Forever – it did not die last April - and NEVER will!

There You'll Be

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Guest Guest

WaltC - I know how hard this is and how bad you feel!! Life is not fair and it's a hard journey, but Jeannie would not want you to give up! She made you promise to hang in there for a year because she felt that you had something special to give to this world. I'm sure when you both talked of a year, she was actually meaning that it should be longer, but she figured speaking of a year would be a good place to start.

I totally understand the loneliness. I understand how hard it is to survive without the person that you loved more than life itself. I got laid off from my job about a month ago, so now I'm struggling financially. It's very depressing and I cry alot, but my family needs me here. I would NEVER do that to my daughter and my grandkids. I know you have family and they need you, too. Jeannie had a disease, as did my husband, and the only way you can look at it is that they got dealt a crappy hand. Jeannie hung in there for 20 years with her MS - she sounds like a tough woman! I know you are proud of her and she is proud of you for going on. You need to be thankful that you had her for 40 years as your loving wife. I only had my husband for 20 years, but I know that they were the BEST 20 years of my life. He "taught" me so much about life and love and yes, I am crushed that he's not in my world anymore. I miss him terribly and writing this is making me cry, but I KNOW he wants me to go on until the time comes when it's MY time. You need to know that too.

We, here, need you too! I can't imagine coming to this site and not seeing your writings here. You have been an inspiration to all of us and we love the music that you send us. PLEASE stay with us Walt. You are not bringing any of us down; remember....we ALL understand what you are going through. We want to help you through this hard time!!

My thoughts are with you today and everyday. And Jeannie is with you today and everyday...in your heart and soul.


(Charlie 6/10/58 - 11/16/2004; I love and miss you so much!!)

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I say a hearty Amen to everything Patti just wrote, I feel the same way. We need to hear from you in ALL, the ups and the downs. The ups encourage us and the downs lets us know we're not alone, that we all go through it. We all need you.

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Guest Guest_Deborah_*

Walt, I wanted to respond earlier but couldn't find the words. I want you to know that my heart understands. And even though you didn't come to this site to help others but rather to seek comfort, you need to know you have touched many of our lives in a way that only you could. We are holding you in our thoughts and will support you as you have helped all of us.

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My dear and precious Walt,

I, too, know that today, Thursday April 13, is the one-year anniversary of your beloved Jeannie’s death, and because the fresh pain of grief has re-surfaced for you at this time, it probably feels as if you’ve made very little progress. Please know that this too will pass. You have survived one of the most challenging years of your life, Walt. As you well know, it has been (and will continue to be) an endless and difficult journey, but you have come a very long way, and you do not walk alone.

I promise you that the intensity of your pain will lessen with the passing of time, and I hope that you will continue to look to your wonderful memories of your dear Jeannie to bring you comfort. I hope, too, that you will also look forward to new opportunities and experiences, recognizing that going on with your life does not lessen in any way the love you have for your beloved Jeannie. Always remember that death may end a life, but it does not end a relationship, and the relationship you have with Jeannie will remain with you as long as you keep her memory alive in your heart, until the very end of time. Just think of how you've helped all of us come to know her as your beautiful and loving wife, as Jeannie lives on right here with us. How very special she must have been to have found such a wonderful man as yourself to be her husband.

It has been said that our purpose in life is to discover our gifts -- but the meaning in life is to give them away. In your ability to reach out to others on this site, you've demonstrated to all of us that you have a very special gift of healing. You gave that to your precious Jeannie for many years, and now you are giving it to the rest of us. What better tribute to your Jeannie than this? What better way of honoring her memory? What better legacy for her to have left to you?

Please know that, along with all your other companions on this beautiful and compassionate site, I am thinking of you, keeping you in my prayers and holding you in my heart at this sad and difficult time.

Wishing you peace and healing,

Marty T

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As my eyes opened this morning my thoughts were with you Walt. And the tears I shed when I listened to your song to Jeannie were for your heartache. Because of you we've all been given the privilege of knowing the wonderful, brave woman you share your heart and soul with. Let us carry you for a while Walt if you are not sure you can take that next little step forward...one little step toward the sunrise tomorrow....one more day to honor Jeannie's love. Jeannie and Walt FOREVER!

Always Gene!


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You are a very special man - and all that you have shared on this site is recognized by all your fellow greivers. You were lucky to have Jeannie for all the years you had her - but also realize that she was lucky to to have such a wonderful husband as you. Although a sad place to meet - I am still glad to have met you - and enjoy you're magnificant contributions made on this site. You are a wonderful example - of a wonderful human being.

John - Dusky is my handle on here.

Love you Jack

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