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Dreams about my Dad

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Today is Mothers Day. I awoke to a terrible dream of my dad who passed away in February 2018. I have had dreams of him in the past, ever since he died. I am always hugging him and never want to let go. I awake  crying, realizing he is gone.  This morning I awoke crying, it was the strangest dream, he was in a nursing home. I was hugging him but instead of his face, He had a "snout" like a dogs, so weird? He could not talk to me..suddenly it dissappeared and we were talking again. I was waving across a long room to my mom and aunt Dot who were just looking at me?  Then I had to stop hugging my dad and had to leave. It seems in all my dreams I am holding onto my dad but then I have to let go and I wake up crying.  Today was especially disturbing, so much so that I am afraid to go to sleep because I will wake up crying and mourning him all over again.  Sigh, my mom says she has never even dreamed of my dad and they were married over 60 years!  I am under a great deal of stress being her caregiver and trying to fill the void left when my dad passed away.  Does anyone else have such dreams?  It's dreams like this, or that I am lost trying to find my way back home...what is wrong with me? 

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My daughter and I were just talking about reoccurring dreams yesterday...it seems they're there to help us realize we have something to work through whether it's a grief issue or another altogether.  I think Marty has hit the nail on the head!


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Talking about dreams.... I lost my dad 2 months ago. 4 weeks after that, had a big fight with then boyfriend. I cried in front of his pic saying I wished you were around to say it'll all be okay. Iw wish you would take me with you because this is an evil world I live in, and now I dont have your support . 

That night he came in my dream. It was an elaborate dream but basically it was his funeral. I was hugging my uncles and then the nxt person I hugged was my dad. No one else could see him but me. I felt him. His arms were cold like the day of his funeral. But he was there, He smiled at me. Then he took me and danced around. We were dancing for what felt like at least 15 minutes. The whole time he was smiling at me like he was trying to say it is going to be okay. Then he left.

I woke up crying and truly believed he came back to console me.

My boyfriend left me few weeks later. Again. he came in my dream. This time I was crying. He picked up some clothes on the floor and said "ok stop crying now and think of the next thing to do"

I believe those who leave us are always watching upon us. I wish I could talk to him now. Im going through a very rough patch, having lost both my main men. But still am hoping he will come back in my dreams. 

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