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I want to say Hi to everyone. I had to change my login here due to my computer crashing.....so, it's me... Patti54, but now I'm "missingcharlie". I thought that was appropriate since I have been missing him so much lately. It's funny how time will go by and you seem to be getting along OK and then one day WHAM! all of a sudden you're down in the dumps again.

I guess maybe it's because the holidays are coming and it will be my 2 year mark in November - something I still have a hard time believing.

Then Saturday I was having my carpets cleaned and was picking up some stuff in the bedroom and I came across some paperwork....looked at it and started sobbing. Copies of tests that they had run on Charlie over the last couple of years before I lost him. I've been depressed ever since.

I'm glad I have you all to talk with!

Anyway, I'm back on our website now...so, I will write again soon.

Hugs to everyone! It pains me to see so many "new" people on here, but we are glad you have found our "family". We're always here....


(Charlie 6/10/58-11/16/2004; I love & miss you Dear!)

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Welcome back, Patti ~ We're so glad you're still here with us. It hurts me, too, when the newly bereaved have reason to join our family, but I also know that when they find their way here, they can rest assured that they have found a warm and caring place of safety, comfort and peace ~ and it is all the loving, compassionate people like yourself who've made this into the special place that it is. :wub:

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Hi Patti, I'm glad you are here. November is the anniversary for me too. You are further along than me (11 months) but I know what you mean when something catches you off guard (like the papers you came across). It really sets you back some. You know how everyone here helps each other, so keep posting. There are alot of new people and with each new one my heart breaks, but I'm glad they have found thisplace. Deborah

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Hi Patti,

Missing Charlie, that would be me too. You and I with our Charlie's and now it it coming up on the 2nd year without them. Oct 20th and I will have been without my Charlie for 2 years. I have good days but there are still so many bad days where it is still so hard to know after all the years we had that I will never see him or hold him again.

His fire dept helmet, his name plate he had on his desk at work, his T shirts with his name on them that my son now wears are all such reminders that these things are only memeories of his life that he will never need again.

I thought after 2 years it would be so much easier but I now believe you learn to cope, but really never get over the emptiness inside.

I will miss him until I join him, My Charlie



7/1/38 -10/20/04

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It's good to have you back. Yes it is sad that there are so many fresh losses, yet I am so glad they found this site. Now, every time I send a sympathy card, I enclose this site as a place to find comfort and understanding. My uncle just died a couple of days ago so I enclosed it to his wife and to my cousin.

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