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Saturday Night


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Is it just me or does there seem to be a lot of activity on this site on Saturday nights? As I have read tonight, I see so many people logged in and realize even for myself that I actually look forward to coming here to see how everyone is doing. I hope this finds everyone wellYou all are in my thoughts and prayers


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Hi Derek,

It's Monday night - and I don't even remember if was here on Saturday night. Sometimes I can't come on this site every day - but I do look forward on a daily basis to see how everyone is doing - to see who has posted what...it's like checking up on the people I love.

Love, Benita

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Hi, Derek:I pretty much have problems at night, regardless of what night of th week it is! :P I'm pretty sleepy and tired during the day and I think I should be able to sleep at night. Then when nighttime comes, I'm all keyed up. So I get up and journal or check on my online family, too. After a while, I can get some rest.

Take care.


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