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Hello My Friends

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I'm reading the forum again, after a long time (I was just too tired of grief, I guess). Anyway ... it feels good to know that so many of the you are still here. KayC, Walt, Ustwo, Dusky ... and others, I haven't checked everyone yet :) It feels kind of ... returning home. :)

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Hi Spela

It's nice to see your post. :) I am also tired of this journey through grief, but what choice do we have? :(

I have found that those with some purpose for their life seem to survive and "move on" better than those who haven't found any good reason for existence. I am still looking, but ......

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How good to hear from you! I was just wondering about you this weekend...I'm glad to see you back. Yes, I know what you mean. I think we all take breaks from this...

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