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Lynn I am so sorry you are hurting more today, even though we hurt everyday, I know I like you have my days where it just hurts even more. Somedays more than than others it just seems like reality kicks in that this is for real. There is no dream to wake up from, this is not changeable. If you are home today I know what helps me even though I have to push myself is to start doing things around the house. Usually once I start to see like I have accomplished things I keep going and it helps to keep my mind busy. This hurts like hell, we all know that and we all have to somehow get through this, but we are here for you and know exactly what you are going thru, know that you are not alone, there are many of us here going thru this too. Sometimes it just helps to know many of us all share the same pain.

((((((HUGS))))))) to you from me,


Wendy :wub:

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Hi Lyn,

It seems sometimes that the heartache just won't let you be, I know. It does take a lot out of you. I'm here to say it does lessen with time but getting through the time is so hard, especially this time of the year. Just remember you're not alone and we're always here for you to just plain vent and cry and talk about the good times, as well. Try your best to think of some of those wonderful times that can bring a little grin. Take it slow and easy and we're always here for you.

Your friend, Karen :wub:;)

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I am truly sorry you having such a hard day today. I know how painful it is. I think a lot of us here are experiencing a really bad case of the "holiday blues" that are just knocking us over. I know for me, the closer it gets the lower I go. We have made it this far, remember one day at a time. I hope tomorrow will be a better day for you. Sometimes it helps to "cry it out" of our systems.


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I think six months can be one of the hardest times, and to face it at Christmas just makes it way worse...my six month mark was right before Christmas (2005) too, and I know it's tough. Please rest assured that while it's a long haul and very hard, it will improve.

Your tears are helping you mark progression through this journey.

Take care,


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My dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your replies. Amazingly, the tears stopped right after i posted here. I felt so exhausted that i overslept and woke up late, i contemplated whether i should go to work or not, but decided that it is better to keep busy the whole day rather than wallowing in self-pity. I survived the day spending my time with the patients in the hospital. It always touched my heart everytime I see them smile, and that, somehow, i have helped them. Today, one elderly patient told me how grateful she is that I was the one taking good care of her. This is enough to make my day.

Right after work, i went to church and lighted candles for my love. I know he is always with me.

Love you baby, i am ok here..

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Oh Lyn,

Your posting here touched me, it's so nice that you affect people like you do, and it's wonderful that you know your husband is with you. Keep remembering that...

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