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My dear friends I hope that some of my older friends here will read this post.First of all I want to send my wishes to all of you that celebrate thanksgiving.Im happy I did not have another holliday to get over but I know the meaning of this holliday.Some of you remember that last year Nov 29 my son got married and his wife was pregnand.She lost the baby and it was a great lossand sufering as it came less than a year after YIany died.My daughter in law is pregnant again and today she is going to the hospital for a series of tests to find out if the baby is healthy so the pregnasy can go on.Please pray for her .Her name is Anna. PRAY for a new comming life.I need so much a new hope in my life and want my sons happines and for him to have a family he is dreaming for.THanks for being here for me and helping through this terrible feeling called grief. TENY

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I just prayed for your new grandchild and the rest of your family including you. Yes, please keep us updated. I am praying for peace that passes all understanding for you Teny and for all of us.


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Teny, I am praying for Anna and your son and the baby...will continue to pray, please let us know how it's going. I know how important this is to your son and his wife, and to you!



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