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Did I Miss Something? Do We Have A New Site?

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Deborah, dear, not to worry :rolleyes: ~ We've been advised that our site is badly in need of upgrades, so we've agreed to have them installed. I was supposed to be notified in advance as to when this would take place, but like you, I've just now discovered the changes myself! As far as I know, the basic content of the site has not changed, and we have not lost anything. I'm told that the upgrades will make our site more secure (less susceptible to "hacking" by advertisers, etc.) so overall, it's a good thing. Please bear with us ~ and let us all pray (as I have prayed :blush: ) that the site does not go "down" while this process is completed. :wub:

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I had to log back in yesterday but today I didn't have to.

I like the overall look except for the top part...I too miss the old logos, etc. I was kind of thrown for a loop, I wondered who Invision Power Board was and if they took over the site! :o

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