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"hope In A Boy"


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"Hope in a Boy"

by Chai

A child moved his head in sleep

And Father Sleep tugged him out of bed

Down a thorny path towards

A doorway of light

They stepped into a room, the pair

Dark and heavy was the air

Within the glass room, a dozen eyes

And open mouths, and painful cries

"See the girl," said old man Sleep

And pointed into the circle's deep

She stood within, centermost

Sad face, cup raised to toast

Then the vision changed, and now

The boy saw the girl and how

Her one dark face was now bright

A man beside her, and a room of light

"This is her past," Sleep said

"The man by her, her father is dead."

"What will she do?" asked the boy,

Looking at the girl, absorbed in joy

"That is up to her," said the Sleep Man

"If she wants to remember, then she can.

Memories will help, and friends, too

One of them, I hope, will be you."

When the boy awoke from his bed

He didn't think it was all in his head

In the afternoon, he saw the girl walking

He called out, and they began talking.

"I saw you," he said, "your dad, too.

In a vision of joy and love were you,

Side by side and holding hands

He wanted to tell you, 'do what you can,

But be gentle with yourself.

And love,' he said, 'is your greatest wealth.'

He remembers your smile,

And when you stayed a while,

And he says, 'for your wrongs, I forgive you.

But they were nothing. Be true

to your heart, my child.'"

The happy news made the girl's face bright

And the boy was happy, to have given her light

He determined to be her friend

And that was the start, born from an end.

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This poem radiates hope. I meant to tell you sooner, but never got to it. I hope things are going well for you. You have so many talents.

Your friend,


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this poem is so lovely! It brought warmth to my heart to think that my mum would send me those well wishes too.

Thank you.



ps and yes you ARE a talented writer! what a lovely picture you paint.

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that is a beautiful warm poem. Thank you for sharing it because I think we can all identify with it no matter whether we have lost a mother, father, husband, wife or whichever special person we are grieving for.

I agree with the others. You are a gifted writer and today I really needed to read something with hope in it, so thank you, again.


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