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Our 19th Anniversary Today!

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I know these firsts are really hard on you. Still grill those steaks and shrimp and invite a friend over, I am sure they would love to be with you on this extremely diffucult and hard day. Thinking of you and sending you love and comfort. Love, Kim

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I really hope that you are not alone today and I know that it will be extremely tough on you.

I actually managed to sleep through our wedding anniversary ... yes, for a solid 24 hours, so that worked for me.

Do whatever you need to do today to get through it ... if you do nothing other than cry, that's ok too. It's at times like these, that I wish we all lived in the same area so that we could all meet up and raise our glasses with you and give you lots of hugs when you need them most.

As Kim said, the "firsts" ARE hard ... as are any anniversary dates ... and of course your wedding anniversary is so special to you both as a couple, that it will make it very painful for you.

Marty has written a really good article on how to commemorate/celebrate anniversaries and special dates. Here is the link:


I really like the idea about the balloons and was going to do that, but as I slept for the whole day I didn't.



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Do whatever it takes to get you through the day. Our 10th Anniversary was last month, and I sought out supportive friends. I also bought Scott an anniversary card (which has since gone into my Heartbreak drawer), and bought us each one of my wedding flowers, and took pictures. I am getting a pewter clock inscribed next month when I visit my sister in law and brother in law who own a jewelry store. I felt Scott with me, helping me through the day. (not to mention a long, tearful post on this forum was a theraputic outlet)

I am going to light a candle for you right now and will be thinking of you on this day!


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I am hoping and praying you have a surprisingly good day today...that good memories will comfort you rather than bringing you so much pain with their loss. I know the pain is great, yet I'm so thankful I had love in my life rather than just never knowing...

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