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This friday it will have been three months since my father jerry sr passed. It seems to get harder each day that passes.Today seemed especially difficult for me.I went online in search of some help with grieving and I came across this site. It really helped me to hear steps that others used to help. One that helped me was writing a letter to him. I got to pour out my emotions and sometimes thats exactly what we need. My father and I had a distant relationship growing up,he was always working and at times I would be bitter about it. As I got older I saw just how hard he worked to support the family and I grew very close to him.We completely opened up and I am so thankful to have built the relationship I always wanted with him before he passed. My father was diagnosed with cancer and the doctors told us that he wasnt going to make it out of the hospital due to an infection he had developed,I remember my dad telling the doctor that he didnt know who he was and that he was going to walk right out of the hospital.. and he did. And We called him superman. No matter what life threw at him he would walk right through it. He never let all the pressure defeat him. He was a great man and he truely inspired me to be the person I am today. Its very hard to think about him not walking me down the aisle.. Or the grandchildren that he wont get to take to the park..or spoil them with candy and icecream.. But I do feel him with me I think he is watching out for me and my family and to have dreams with him help me alot. Sometimes Ill pray really hard to have a dream with him because its always nice to see his face. God has a way of making things fall into the place in the end and I think that we need to all be strong enough to cope and learn to lean on eachother instead of being to proud to cry. The only way to deal with death is to aknowledge it happened and take the neccessary steps.

I love you daddy and I always will.

Your baby Girl

Jessy Yates

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I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your father. I think it is wonderful, though, that you have found this website. As you have seen, even just reading other people's posts can help in the grieving process. I really like the encouraging things you said, about leaning on each other and not being proud not to cry. That is important to keep in mind. I am having trouble right now, even almost a year later, with talking to people, and I am trying to talk to people about my dad more, because I feel it would help me.

I very much relate to what you said, about sadness on father not walking you down the aisle or being with grandchildren...I feel like that, too.

Your superman story about your father is very sweet. =) thank you for sharing.

take care,


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I can completely understand what you are going through, my superman passed away about 4 months ago. Your post hit so close to home when you mentioned not walking you down the isle, and ever spoiling your children. Those things went through my head eventually,and I couldn't stop crying for days, just about that! Your story really inspired me. I feel like maybe I can get through this. I have been trying so hard to be strong, I forget that crying and taking time to grieve and leaning on loved ones is absolutely nescessary. thank you so much

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When I read what you had wrote I must say It felt nice knowing that my words helped you. It is always nice to hear when someone can really relate to what your going through, especially when its something so very life changing. I am sorry that someone so dear in your life passed as well, But One thing I can tell you that really helped me was praying. I pray every night and after I thank God for whats In my life I ask to say a few words to my father, and I tell him whats going on in my life and how Much I miss him. And It really makes you feel closer to that person. I always feel like my dad is watching over me and I dream about him all the time.. its important to keep his memory alive and Instead of not talking about it I like telling stories of all the memories he and I shared. It helps you heal for certain. Although life shall never be quite the same , we learn that life is but a brief moment in time and we must all learn to live it fully and appreciate each and ever person in it. Thank you again for your response.

God bless

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I wanted to say to you as I did to chai, that It really means something to me that you can feel the true meaning behind my words.

On the day that I wrote the blog, I must say I was really feeling torn. I miss my dad so much that sometimes it dosnt even seem like

it really happened. I try my best to accept the fact that it did and try and pick up the pieces, but it seems so imposiible at times

when you think of all the things they wont be able to be there for. Such as the wedding,kids, and the holidays of course. My fathers

birthday just recently passed november the 11th and its the very first one with him being gone. And It was extremely sad not having him

around. But I went and prayed and I sang him happy birthday..Because no one deserves to not have their birthday song.. and Its tough

I know, but Just have faith that God will guide you and give you strength to pull through. Your father is always going to be there

for you because like my dad once said to me.. "No matter where in life you are, Just smile and Ill be there." So just smile

and itll be like your dad smiling upon you. I hope this helped some.

God Bless

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