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Apologies For Not Being Around

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hi my wonderful friends and also to the new members of our family (I was stunned and so so sad to see how many new widow/ers have joined since I was last here ... time precludes me from replying to each of your posts, apologies.

a little note from me to say that my workload is really high and pretty pressurized (it always is in the industry I work in for the last quarter of each year) - causing me to work long hours, which in turn means that I am not able to visit here as often as I'd like, but I do think of you all and wonder how you are doing.

Things are not likely to settle down till January now ... but I will come and visit as and when I can.

I love and miss you all



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You know this isn't my section of the forum but I was so excited to see your name that I had to come in and tell you that I've missed you and have been praying you are ok. I totally understand the workload. Just know that all of us in all of the forums love you and think of you often.

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Hi Boo!

Glad to see you on the forum. Was wondering how you were doing. Glad to know that you are ok,but,working hard.

I suppose work is good. I've been keeping busy too. I had some painting to do in the apartment that we rent and that has been a distraction for me. I still do my reading in between and I've been attending a new bereavement group that I started a few weeks ago at a local Catholic church. I had my doubts at first,but,it does seem to be helping me.

This group is on Wednesdays for 8 weeks. I also attend a non religious bereavement group which meets every Monday evening. It sounds like I am attending alot of groups,but,I have learned different aspects of grieving from each one and it has helped me.

I still see a one on one grief counselor,but,only every few weeks. It has been 7 months since my mother died and I do get my moments,and,although I become emotional and fear that I am stepping back again,I believe that it is not as intense as it was. I suppose that time does make a difference.

I realize now that there is no timetable and it could take a certain amount of time for some and a certain amount of time for others. The groups have stressed this and I understand it better now.

Looking forward to seeing you when you are able to join us on the forum.

You are always an inspiration to all of us.

Be well!


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thanks for the love you guys, it really does feel like family here :-)

(James - it sounds like you are making and taking some steps forwards ... well done, I am proud of you. It is so hard, but we are all stronger than we believe we are.

JonKoisMom - your words brought tears to my eyes xx)

I'll be back!

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Me too...I haven't been on much this week, I've been going through my own stuff and it's been tough the last couple of days (see New Beginnings), but my heart goes out to each and every one who has lost their mate, and it's hard to see there are so many new ones going through this.

One thing that helps me is knowing that with enough time under our belts, we heal...we never stop missing them, never ever, and that empty spot in our hearts continues to exist as a tribute to how irreplaceable and special they are...but we do learn to cope and adjust, so my heart is hopeful that as fresh as this is for so many, as much as it hurts, it will gradually, eventually, get better...I just wish it didn't hurt so much right now and it wouldn't take so long to reach that better place.

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