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Happy Birthday Tom

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Happy Birthday Tom!

It is hard to believe that today you would turn 70! I know you would have something funny to say about it. Hard to believe that so much time has past. I remember the magic of our meeting at university so many years ago. You came to my apartment and we sat and talked so easily, telling each other about our families, our hopes, our dreams, and we were so comfortable and right then we just knew....this is the person for me. It was so clear and so easy and so wonderful.

Tonight our son will come for dinner and we will put a candle on a brownie for you and blow it out. We will toast you with your fave Bushmills and talk about how lucky we are to carry you inside us. I will do my best to be happy and not cry. I love to think of you watching me and that somehow gives me strength. To carry your unique spirit forward; your love for life, your honesty, your intense involvement with all you do, your creative, artistic passion, your kindness toward friends, family and strangers for that matter, your physical and mental strengths. You babe are my man and today, as most days, I celebrate you. And love you so much.



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Oh, Valley, it sounds like you are honoring your Tom's life as you celebrate his birthday. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I'm sure that every milestone is difficult and I wish none of us had to face these days without those whom we love. Hugs to you from Pennsylvania.

Peace, love, and blessings,


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That is really beautiful, Valley. I wish you all the best today as you face Tom's birthday. You two are an adorable couple!

Take good care.


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Valley I know we have talked about our similarities before. My Tom's b'day will be in 12 days. I don't know that I will be able to be as strong as you because I've already had tears about it.

I hope you're supper was comforting.

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Oh Valley, that was beautiful and I could hear your love for Tom in your words, very powerful.

Made me bawl at work but I don't care. The first photo really shows his character (in his eyes).

Yes we carry them in our hearts and their love for us and ours for them still shines on brightly still.

Big big hug, hope the brownie and bushmills wasn't too hard for you - he's just waiting patiently for you, you know ... just waiting. What we had was just a taste - next we get eternity with them.


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