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Hi Folks:

I thought I would give you the update of my son's wedding in western Kansas. A huge church wedding, about 400 guests, a sit down formal dinner for the reception, a dance and Sunday morning brunch. It was beautiful and I loved every bit of it. It was a huge plus when I asked my high school friend Connie to be with me. She was wonderful and seemed to take on the role of my personal attendant, family photographer and driver. The entire family was in awe. It really helped me and kept me upbeat and happy. No tears, or if so, only tears of joy. My son got kind of teary eyes and I reassured him that Randy is with us. He carried a white rose and laid it on the alter in honor of my husband, his stepdad. Randy's mother and all his siblings and family came for the wedding and I was so happy about that and getting to spend time with them in a celebration. We all needed that. Randy's mom, (my son's step grandmother) was right there on the front row with me and in all the grandparent pictures. It was wonderful and I have such a great son and daughter in law. I truly am blessed. I even enjoyed visiting with my ex-husband!!! How is that for a great event? For all of your info, my first husband's name was Randy as was my second husband and the love of my life. It always makes for a good story and a lot of family confusion. B)

After all the activity and finally getting home last night I crashed and wound up in tears. The letdown, but I felt fine today. I was to start my group support tonight but I am exhausted and hopefully I can merge into the group next week.

Thank you all for your positive encouragement for this wedding. I did make it and I know I can make it. :D



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Becky, I am so very glad that it was a great celebration and that you enjoyed yourself. Good for you. You even bounced back from the let down on arrival home. Great. Peaceful days, Mary

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Becky, I am so happy the day turned out so great for you, and for your son's wedding. The white rose was a wonderful touch. Of course you crashed later, but you held it together for your son and his special day, very proud of you.

Mary (Queeniemary) in Arkansas

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Dear Becky.

I knew Randy would be with you the whole time. Just as Pauline was with me Monday. I don't remember if I posted. That I was dreaming of Pauline when they woke me up in recovery room. She was so happy and healthy in my dream. That is all I remember about it.

It was great that you were able to have this awesome time in your life. Spent time with Randy folks. and your son with the rose was a very nice tribute for such a great guy, Randy. It is nice to have friends help you out while you were there.

Glad You all did not melt from the heat. Friday my temp outside hit 106.4 and very humid, I went out early to water Pauline's Mimosas tree, and the mail. The rest of the time in the AC.

Try to keep the group meetings, it is different than being on here. I found the combination of both meetings and HOV have brought me a long way in 5 months, along with a little medication, that has really helped me out a lot in my grief. It may not work the same for everyone, we are all different and go through things differently. Give it a go for a month or so and see where you are at in your grief. I pray for you it helps you out as much as it has done me.

God Bless Tammy, may he comfort you heart and soul, and help you get through this hard time in Your life.


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I'm so glad it went so well and I believe Randy was right there with you, I don't think he missed a thing. I'm glad his family was there too!

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