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My First Realistic Dream About My Mom!

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My Mom passed away this past June. I have posted on here before but I am so busy with job, kids, home it is hard to keep up. I want to share something that I have been waiting for. My Mom and I were so very close as many of you on here were with your Mom. My dreams of her were always scattered and did not make sense. But this one did. My 3 year old was having surgery, I manage a large medical clinic of 50 staff, and have 3 kids under age 10. Needless to say life is crazy. I was upset the night before the surgery and dreamed of her. In my dream my cell phone was vibrating in my purse. I was irritated because wherever I was you should not be using a cell phone. I answered it and it was my Mom. My first words were "momma" that is what I always called her. She said yes. I immediately cried and said I miss you so much. She answered I miss you too. I then said I don't want to ruin our conversation with crying but it has been so hard. She then said I'm sorry. I asked her if she was happy and she said yes. I then said I am so glad because I know how unhappy you were for a long time with how sick you were becoming. I asked her if she was healthy and she said yes. I then asked her if she knew everything that was going on here and she said yes. I then woke up. It was amazing. It was a dream I know not a real conversation but it was the most comforted I have felt since she passed away. It was so realistic. I have tallked to her many times and told her I was waiting for a sign that she was ok. That was all I wanted to know was that she was ok and happy. I wrote this down in a journal so I would not forget. I woke up crying and told my husband about it. He said if anyone could find a way to communicate it would be your Mom. I love her so much and miss her terribly. I am so thankful that she blessed me with that. Thank you all for listening.

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You are so very lucky. Your mom really did communicate to you in your dream. I am still waiting for my dream. My daughter dreams of my mom all the time. Please accept this dream as reality. She reached out to you and now you know she is fine. I wish I could have the same dream. I am happy for you. Do not question it, just accept it.

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