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My Beagle Kasey Is Gone Now Too

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The upcoming Christmas holiday has been weighing heavily on me this year. Its been a hard year, physically, mentally, financially and the sadness of losing Larry, I have never felt more alone.

Two days ago, one of our beloved beagles was showing signs of what I thought were seizures but she became lethargic and her sweet little face was not the same. My son took her to the vet for me and they called and said it was not good, it was her heart. She was a stray that found her way to our home and Larry fell in love immediately. We had our other dog, Maggie, we adopted, that is a foxhound/beagle mix. Kasey and Maggie were the best of friends and never apart, slept side by side.

Maggie is sitting waiting at the door for Kasey to come home. I can barely look at her.

Now the house has become quiet again, cold and lonely. There is no holiday here. No presents, a tiny tree Larry's mother brought over. No resemblance of the Christmas's Larry and I shared. Laughter, decorating, visiting, baking and hiding gifts for each other, its all gone.

Its me and Maggie, this couldn't be Christmas.

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Oh Deborah, I'm so sorry. That is so hard, and all the more so this time of year. I'm glad you still have Maggie, you two will have to lean on each other the way Arlie and I do. I've lost all of the pets I had with George, one by one, and some new ones since. It's heartbreaking and the hole they leave is sorely felt. It was sweet of your MIL to bring you a tree, I know it may not mean much to have it, but her thinking of you surely does. You are in my prayers.


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Deborah -

Thank You for your email message. I tried to send you a PM, but could not. Your note cheers me up a bit. I feel honoured to be considered your friend and I hope that I have helped even just a little in the past. I am so sorry to read of the loss of your dear pet - I remember the grief when my Westie passed several years ago.

I know that Larry will be with you in spirit this Holiday Season and you will feel his presence.

May the peace and joy of this season remain with you for the coming New Year.Love,

Walter C.

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