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I have been through so much lately with adjusting to unpleasant discoveries because of my husband's drug use, that it seems much of my thoughts have been focused on getting through the negativity and forgiving him. But lately I have been thinking about the many wonderful qualities he has and all of the wonderful things he has done. In case he can hear what is going on, I want him to know that it isn't only the other stuff I remember, but I remember all of the good about him and continually am reminded of it...noone else will fill his shoes or be just like he was to me or to anyone else.

Thank you for:

  •  Caring so much about me.

     For making my mom feel special and spending time with her and helping her.

     For the beautiful music box you bought me.

     For the stamp art things you bought me...noone else could have found something I didn't have and done such a good job of picking out just the right something I would like.

     For always being so fun to live with.

     For always being there for my daughter, whenever she needed someone to help her.

     For loving my son and treating him as if he was the most special person in the world, willing to do anything in the world for him.

     For all of the little notes you used to leave around the house, in my lunch, in the cabinets, etc...I am still running across them!

     For saving your weekends just for me.

     For calling me on your breaks, each and every day.

     For the way you loved me. For the rest of my life I will know I was loved. I remember every Saturday morning waking up to seeing you gazing at me with such love and telling me how you loved the sunlight shining on my face.

     For building a new railing around our deck. You did such a beautiful job and it is still there as a reminder of your loving care.

     For always washing the car. You never wanted me to go to church in a dirty car.

     For always standing up for me...you made it clear to everyone how much you loved me.

     For being my biggest fan…you used to listen and watch at all of my choir practices, ladies ensemble practices and morning worship team practices…you loved to hear me sing.

     For always listening to me.

     For always being gentle with me.

We had fun, didn't we? I love you, George. Edited by kayc
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Oh KayC, George sounds so wonderful that it makes me cry. Your love is so strong for eachother. That's really nice how you made a list of all the reasons you love him and all the special things about him. I think I might do that for Sean, imagine how proud they are to know how much we love them. Love, Laurie

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What a beautiful message. It's so wonderful to remember all the good things - and you did such a marvelous job of detailing your love - it just spilled out all over the lines of your words. Greif is made a little easier when we can remeber all the good things - at least it is for me. I know when I look back at all the years I had with Jack - It just brings a smile to my face. Thank you for the reminder - to remember the good. It was all around us for so many years.

Love to you.

John Dusky is my handle on here.

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Dear Kay,

What a beautiful sentiment - thank you for sharing that. I thought what a good idea it would be if I did that for Dick - I don't know if I could get through it right now, though....the past two weeks have been REALLY rough.

Isn't it wonderful, though, that we can look back on all the wonderful experiences we had with our loved one...thank God for those precious memories.

Thanks, Kay

Love, Benita

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