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Being quite involved myself in the newer sciences and energy-type healing work, and knowing and remembering how many people here and elsewhere are almost always automatically prescribed drugs to somehow 'help' with their grief, sometimes for many years on end, I wanted to offer everyone the SELF-empowerment that can arise from this awareness-building interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD, as an alternate way to effect personal healing, no matter the problem, but obviously including emotional issues such as grief. If you haven't enjoyed the side effects of such chemical use, this is particularly for you. But even if not, it's worth a listen. Consider it another form of a "New Beginning" for your life and for how you view the world, the universe and beyond.

His whole talk is really centered around genes (may sound boring, but it's definitely NOT!), but he makes specific mention near the beginning about drugs like Prozac, which I think you may find extremely enlightening. It's about 1/2 hr. long and there are also many other highly interesting and helpful interviews on this network. Of particular interest to those here, you may want to also check out the ones by Dannion Brinkley, among a few others.

Conscious Media Network - interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD

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Maylissa, dear, I just made time to watch this fascinating interview ~ what this man has to say about modern medicine, psychology and pharmacology makes a lot of sense, and he certainly is a convincing speaker! Thank you for bringing this important material to our attention ~ and when I have more time, I'm eager to listen to the interview with Bruce Lipton's colleague, Rob Williams, originator of PSYCH-K. (See, for example, his interesting comments about grief and loss: http://www.psych-k.com/pages/grief-and-loss.php)

Once again, Maylissa, you've pointed us to some marvelous material we would not have known about otherwise ~ and as always, I am very grateful to you for that :wub:

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You're most welcome, Marty, as always! ^_^ This is really just the tip of the iceberg of what I've learned about in the last decade or so, though.

I did read Rob's comments but haven't yet had time myself to check out his entire website. However, I was somewhat familiar with Psych-K a few years ago. It, and many other newer modalities have a lot to offer and the possibilities for healing on every level of existence abound everywhere now....still including many of the much older and wiser ones, such as one of my favourites, Homeopathy, also an "energetic" science. Pysch-K is yet another form that is similar in certain ways to some of the other methods I've posted about here before, such as EFT, TAT, SRT, etc. They all work in some way with the subconscious, which, for those who haven't listened to any of these interviews before, is actually the part of us that controls something like 95-99% of our thinking, and therefore shapes what we experience....again, on all levels.

The Conscious Media Network site remains one of the most interesting compilations of what's really been going on 'out there' for quite awhile already, yet most people aren't even vaguely aware of such things, and I feel the time is more than upon us to avail ourselves, as much as we possibly can, of these 'newer' discoveries.

Of personal note for me, included on their site is an interview (of many others) with Dr. Eric Pearl, the man I personally trained with in 2007 to get my Level III Practitioner qualification on Reconnective Healing ®, which has replaced, or 'overwritten' my previous Reiki technique/modality. I've had some fabulous success and results with it, for both animals (my favourite focus, natch! ;) ) and humans, and will be setting up my formal practice as soon as I can get all the bus. and website details in place. So you may wish to also listen to that one as well. I can personally attest to its power and efficacy (aside from the major scientists who have and still are involved in scientific studies with it, having already proved it is real, and powerful) and have worked with mainly a number of different animals over the past year, which is hugely gratifying when I see them heal within days! :D Along with some of these now-famous people, Dr. Pearl is also featured in a new movie about to premier, called The Living Matrix. There is a short trailer here for the movie. It will be premiering in London very soon, then making its way across the globe.

There is so much we can still learn, and have yet to learn, and I've also been very grateful to see so many other like-minded people, including the more progressive sectors of the scientific community, rapidly coming out of the woodwork, so to speak, in the last few years. I don't feel as alone now in that way, and while I've been trying to find new meaning for my life after all my losses, especially my darling gal's, this has been a huge help. I know what I've always been here on earth to do and now I've found an even better way to accomplish that. It's not that I still don't suffer, but discovering how we're all TRULY connected, even in scientific terms, has allowed me to move forward despite my sorrow and MISSING of my kidlets. One more step, slowly, but surely.

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Dear Maylissa,

This muscle response is so cool. I did something similiar while recovering from alcohol that convinced me that our mind, our bodies and our faith are all connected. (It's been 14 years since I've had or even wanted chemicals and I often think of that moment when I made the connection to wholeness.) Thanks for the reminder. I only wish I had someone here to work through the grief beliefs with. I can read the statements and in my head, think they are true, but it makes a big difference when your subconscious agrees with you.

I appreciate the alternative therapies and this is one that gives insight and direction.

Take care,


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Hi Kath,

I even used to use kinesiology at times, using myself as a "surrogate", to discover which Flower Essences, for example, would be more helpful to my fur-girl. It has a wide range of applications. You can also use it to test any substance or food for your better health. There was an experiment where artificial sweetener (Aspartame) was placed in an envelope, while another envelope contained Vit. C. The test subject held one, then the other while muscle testing was done (not knowing what was in either envelope), and it was quickly evident that the sweetener tested "bad" for her body, while the Vit. C tested "good." Everything is connected and so communicates with everything else, innately.

I'm a bit more familiar with EFT methods (and other more closely related methods), and these can be done on your own quite easily. So you might want to check out these 2, and the related videos listed on the right side, on Faster EFT/NLP, developed by Robert Smith.

(a short rundown of the philosophies behind these methods) and,

You'll have to keep your eyes open for the first time, in order to see where you tap (and how fast you tap), then you can replay it hitting the Pause button as needed to feel your own feelings before continuing with the process. It helps if you're familiar with the usual EFT tapping points (Robert doesn't use as many of them, though) and you can find a diagram on these here. I'm assuming Robert is probably using the "Karate Chop" point at the end of each sequence here, although we can't see his hand at the ends.

It's absolutely wonderful that you'd found something that obviously really worked for you to overcome your addiction so long ago! Way to go, girl! But as we know, life is a constant series of challenges to deal with, made worse for us if we haven't "cleared" ourselves of old patterning/beliefs. There are so many easier ways now to effect this, thankfully, and even if we have to continue to work on these things our whole lifetime, at the very least we can minimize the damage we do to ourselves by giving ourselves such gifts of self-empowerment.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Speaking of antidepressants again, I just received this notification today.....yet another alarming link between commonly prescribed pharmaceuticals and death, this time specifically in women:

Antidepressants Linked to Sudden Cardiac Death

If you know a woman who takes antidepressants, pay attention! The Journal of the American College of Cardiology is about to publish a new study that links antidepressants with sudden cardiac death in women.

You'd think those findings would have the mainstream medical community thinking twice about recommending antidepressants…but no.

Instead, the researchers had this to say (according to HealthDay): "The finding doesn't necessarily mean that antidepressant drugs are dangerous."

Which strikes me as ridiculous, because 'sudden cardiac death' sounds very dangerous to me.

Bottom line: Even though this study shows us clearly that antidepressants are especially dangerous for women, it can be just as dangerous to stop taking them cold turkey, so talk to your doctor before you make any changes…but talk to him today!


And for another discussion of healing that comes from within:

I'm a big fan of Gregg Braden's work, for one. I've been listening to a more recent podcast by him and am, as usual, so impressed by how he presents and ties in for us lay-people, so many discoveries and principles of a scientific and ALSO spiritual nature. This last one is a sort of re-hash of a recent film I'd seen featuring his work, but it goes into even more detail on a few really exciting things from the film. It's laid out SO well, giving such a good, grand overview of how these discoveries, STILL not widely known in the mainstream, absolutely change our entire view of the world and universe, and most importantly, since Gregg seems to be such a pragmatist, HOW WE CAN USE THIS KNOWLEDGE TO RADICALLY AFFECT OUR WORLD....including (but not limited to) changing/eliminating illness or dis-ease of any sort, in others and in ourselves.

This link that I'm going to provide is different from others I've provided before, though, in that I had the privilege of accessing this interview for free through my subscription to HayHouse's "Wisdom Community" yearly membership. But I'm SO blown away with this presentation through HayHouseRadio events, that I really wanted to post it anyway because I think anyone else can access this podcast, albeit for a very small fee of under $5. One need only subscribe to HayHouse (free to do so) and then I think you can, even if NOT a paid-for "Wisdom Community" member, still purchase the streaming replay of this (and other talks) for either the $5 (and you could, at this point, just record it for yourself from your computer's speakers) or a higher fee for a permanent download for re-listening. HayHouse also has many other daily radio show events that you can listen to live and many are often repeated as replays, for no fee. So it's a wonderful, ongoing resource of cutting edge topics. But for this one in particular, my personal focus relates mainly to healing dis-ease (grief is an inner state of dis or non-ease, too), even for things such as "inoperable, cancerous tumors" and the like, AS WELL AS finding TRUE comfort (not just 'flowery' words) in the now-indisputable fact that everything/one IS all connected and is not just a religious construct, as some think.....therefore marrying science with spirituality in the most eloquent and wondrous of ways. And THIS helps with my grief and 'coming to terms' with all related issues.

So IF you're interested in finding out more, Gregg's talk is called "The Divine Matrix: The New Discoveries that Change Everything" (and he's not kidding!) and is available at this link. If you visit there you can also poke around and see what other speakers have been featured, or who are 'live' right now, or you could just buy his book(s), if you prefer reading! In any case, this is the kind of thing that has helped me not only continue to evolve personally (and globally in my Higher sense), but believe w/o a doubt, that nothing that contained love ever could possibly die, and that there's SO much more we can all learn to do to create miracles while still on earth.....for all creatures, human and non-human, living here.

I also transcribed some of the most key parts of Gregg's podcast, for those of you who don't want to, or can't purchase this talk. So in a very small nutshell of this entire talk, here that is:

The 2 greatest FALSE assumptions we've all been taught up until now are:

1.) the space between things is empty (that 'space' comprises about 96% of our universe) & that therefore, everything is separate.

2.) our most profound and deepest inner experiences (feelings, emotions, thought, belief) have no effect on our 'outer' world.

Nothing, in fact, could be further from the truth. Just as where the greatest ancient, spiritual traditions had started out telling us, now science has found that our bodies and our world are literally materializing, emerging and re-emerging continuously from what is now often called The Field, the Divine Matrix, the Divine Mind, the Mind of God (whichever name appeals to you most).......a field of intelligent energy that fills the space we'd thought was empty, and that actually permeates our bodies.

Emotion and belief are the 'language' that translate what's in that invisible field into the physical realities in our bodies and our world. This "internal technology" means that heart-based feeling & emotion changes the DNA of our bodies, produces quantum effects in the "field" and changes our physical world, all based on the power of feeling and belief.

Feeling is the union of thought and emotion, and feeling and belief are very closely related. When you believe something to be true or not true, you have a strong feeling about that belief. Feeling and belief = the union of something that we're thinking consciously or subconsciously, fueled by our love or our fear (the 2 primary emotions) for what we're thinking consciously or subconsciously. Feelings happen in our hearts and our hearts are where we create the 'language' that the field recognizes. It's the feeling or the belief that becomes the 'language' that the Divine Matrix recognizes. And feeling has magnitudes more power than thought, as far as creation is concerned.

Your heart's electrical field (the EKG) is up to a hundred times stronger than the electrical field of your brain (EEG), and your heart's magnetic field is up to five thousand times stronger than the magnetic field created by your brain. (the heart's magnetic field is now known to extend at least a few FEET beyond the body & possibly much further) So if you're going to change your body, or your physical world, which are both made up of electrical and magnetic fields of energy (not separate atoms as was once thought), your heart is definitely the way to do this through.....through its "heartwaves." The key is to effect this through feeling "as if" our prayers are already answered, "as if" the 'miracle' has already happened, "as if" what we want to see is already manifest. The FEELING is the prayer/the code/the 'language'. This is all now FACT, not just new-age thinking or flowery metaphor. Our reality is soft, maleable and the future has yet to occur. We are choosing, right now, the building blocks of that reality, through our feelings, beliefs and thoughts, but mainly through our FEELINGS.

This talk also includes the documented facts on a woman who was healed, in the REAL TIME of just under 3 mins., from the "inoperable bladder tumor" mentioned previously, in case that, too, intrigues you. (I watched the actual real time footage of this in Gregg's film, where you could see the tumor swiftly & totally disappear; Gregg details in his above talk why this was NOT one of those hoaxed healing events)

Linked to these facts and new technology is the Institute of Heartmath, which you might also wish to check out.

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Having a scientific background, I think this study is important but is not conclusive, it requires further testing because there are so many confounding factors that can lead to Sudden Cardiac Death....thats the problem with studying disease/health issues...its hard to control for diet, genetic predisposition, environment, etc.

I believe that mainstream medical communities don't think twice about these findings for a couple reasons:

1. there is a myriad of new medical research papers published with inconclusive evidence, there is many suggestions, but nothing conclusive...otherwise antidepressants would be taken off the market.

2. In most cases, the risks of depression are higher than the risks of taking the antidepressants (i.e. risks to taking one's life or even taking others')

However doctors do seem non-chalant about prescribing these drugs to anyone who say they need them. For me personally, even the lowest dose helps me cope (which I have also taken for depression before losing my fiance). But, it is nice to know what research is being done out there, as not all of it is made public. Thanks for sharing.

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I wasn't going to reply to this as I was afraid of showing my ignorance. However, let me just add that no matter what the evidence is or how conclusive or non-conclusive the studies are, PLEASE, GOD, DON'T LET MY EX-SISTER-IN-LAW QUIT TAKING HER PROZAC! There, enough said... ;)

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As for studies, I thought I should add two things of general, but massive, note:

In an online discussion on her blog, Lynn McTaggart has stated:

"That statistic is from JAMA, 2000, 284 (1): 483-5.

I have that and many more details like it in my book What Doctors Don’t Tell You and newsletter of the same name (www.wddty.com).

The JAMA article says that correctly prescribed drugs and procedures are responsible for a quarter of a million deaths per year in America alone.

To put that into perspective, every single week correctly prescribed medical drugs and procedures kill twice the number of people who died from the 9/11 Twin Towers tragedy .

Or, to look at it another way, in America, where 40,000 people are shot dead every year, you are almost six times more likely to be killed by orthodox medicine than by a gun."

You can read about the stated study (above) here, and here is a similar rundown, along with all the related studies to back the findings:

Click here.

These are the types of things we should all know about, yet most don't......and why I'd rather use other, much safer & self-empowering methods by which to effect healing.

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  • 5 months later...

You're most welcome, Kavish. Bruce has written many wonderful books, too, and has his own website, if you'd care to check it out.

Of further interest, I see you've also read "Life After Death" by Deepak Chopra. (I'm almost done this one myself), but did you happen to notice where he said (chapter 14, Thinking Outside the Brain), "The closer we can get to showing that the field is intelligent, the more credible it will be that our own intelligence can survive after death. One way to approach this issue seems strange but turns out to be very fruitful: animal telepathy,"? And then he goes on to a short discourse about Rupert Sheldrake's work on same, tying this into how consciousness exists outside the brain. (frankly, I could only respond with a big "well, DUH!" at this 'revelation', since like so many other animal guardians/parents, I've experienced this first-hand on hundreds of occasions with my own furkids, & others, both domesticated and "wild")

So in light of this tying into the main topic I'd begun long ago, it also behooves me to point out that there are also many anecdotal stories (the ones many 'old' scientists refuse to acknowledge or study, as if "anecdotal" evidence is such a dirty word) of how animals have helped their people (or even relatives of their people) heal, such as seemingly deliberately taking on health challenges not begun as their own...such as cancerous tumors, with their person's tumor mysteriously disappearing for good just prior to this 'exchange,' leaving conventional doctors completely baffled as to how their human patient suddenly had no trace of their dis-ease. I've heard of one dog who did this for a human family member, after which the tumor (thankfully benign in the dog) was successfully surgically removed from his own brain (where it had also previously resided in the human) and lived out his days with no more such incidence. Animals also very often do this with the emotional issues we take on ourselves, many becoming physically ill until and unless we tackle the causes of the disturbance in ourselves.

People are finally recognizing the almost more mundane (by comparison) good effects of, for instance, the dramatic lowering of blood pressure just from stroking a non-human companion, but there's SO much more than this really going on all around us. And so, ANIMALS play a huge part in our healing and evolution, too, more than most people ever suspect. And the greatest power of healing comes from none other than LOVE, which animals, in particular, hold so well for, and draw out from, us. :wub:

For another interesting link to how love (for self & for others) heals, you can check out Dr. Dean Shrock's website. I just heard a talk by him that was very helpful & inspiring, and his guided meditation work includes some lovely, little 'twists' that I've found in no others'. (he also offers a free e-course on How Love Heals, on his website)

Thanks for digging up this old topic, so I could add to it, as small a sampling as this is! ^_^

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Aaaawwww, thanks Marty. :wub:

I've been so ridiculously busy with one thing or another, I've just not had any time to visit, more often than not! My furbabies are still guiding me from spirit, though, so my "new normal" is slowly but surely getting a bit easier to handle...busy-ness aside! :wacko:

(and hearty congrats. :D on your new licensure for online counseling! but can I add this to my "if only" list for awhile ago? ;) )

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Hi MayLissa,

Thank you for the information on our fur-friends and Dr. Shrock. I will "conciously" try to research his website and see if he addresses love without attachment as prophesied by Gautam Buddha. Also a sincere thanks to Marty, our counselor, for her guidance.


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