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A Really Good Day.


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I'm not certain this is the appropriate place to post this, but I am still revelling in the really good day I had on Sunday. I had promised the kids I'd take them to the MN Renaissance Festival because we didn't do anything special over their summer vacation. It was Pet Fest Weekend and Irish Festival (two of my favorite things) so we had planned on making the outing with Sassie (my 7 month old collie) as well. I wasn't too sure how she would handle the huge crowds and the hundreds of other dogs and cats, but we ventured out anyway. We had the time of our lives. Sassie was so well behaved and had so many things to keep her interested. The vendors all had bowls of fresh water outside their establishments and we were able to watch some canine agility demonstrations. We had non-stop entertainment from jugglers, comedians, belly-dancers, Irish dancers, minstrels and magicians. My son ate everything from a huge turkey leg to pizza on a stick, cheesecake, ice cream, smoothie and a macaroon. (It was a long day.) My daughter and I took in the arts and crafts with a great appreciation for the pottery, paintings, jewelry and metalwork. (The first thing I bought her was a crown, because every princess needs a crown at the Renaissance!) So many people (and their pets) were in costume. There were characters heckling everyone as we walked in. I loved it. They loved it. There were a few moments where I really missed Bob because this was something we hadn't been to since the kids were in a stroller. I even saw a shirt that said, "Wenches Want Me" and knew he would have worn it with pride. And then, flying over the river, he was there, a bald eagle, and I knew for sure he was as happy in his place, looking over us as we were in this place. It couldn't have been a better day. It's nearly impossible to do anything that involves all of us that we will all find enjoyable. This day was it. I will treasure it forever. There was not a single grouch all day long!

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I just saw this post, sorry I missed it earlier!

I think this is the right spot for posting just about anything as it relates to our "new life" that we are building for ourselves...you are building your life with your kids and dog, so it fits in here just right!

It sounds like you had a wonderful magical day, complete with an eagle sighting, and I know it'll stay in your heart as one of the good memory days.

Your Sassie must be much better behaved than my Arlie if you'd consider taking her to a Renaissance Fair! Arlie would probably get us arrested. :blink:

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