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Just wanted to share this really amazing and wonderful thing that happened today. First, a little background, it has been a very tough week financially. As I have shared before, I am now alone in trying to run a business that is struggling financially as well as being left with mounting bills and expenses from my husband’s illness. I had to pay some really ridiculous and unplanned bills this week, plus my heater went out and I had to come up with the money to repair that. In addition, the store has been extremely slow and I had to purchase extra supplies this week. So, basically there is not enough money coming in to cover what is going out. I spent all day yesterday juggling finances and deciding what I could and couldn’t pay. Well, needless to say, that left me quite depressed and with too many unpaid bills.

I go to the post office this morning and receive a sympathy card in the mail. There is no return address, but it is postmarked from a town about 75 miles from me. Inside the card are five 100-dollar bills! The card is from a lady whom I have never met, nor have I even heard her name before and she only signed her first name, not her full name. She does not explain how she knows of me or got my address. She only offers words of comfort and says that she is 80 years old and just lost her husband in January. I could only cry when reading this card. Other than that, I know nothing about this person, but somehow I sense that $500 is not something she throws around lightly. I just do not have any words to explain what I am feeling.

I am working on finding out who this woman is and have a pretty good idea that she attends church with one of my relatives. This should be easy enough to confirm with just her first name, her age, and the fact that her husband recently passed away. I hope my relative is able to get her address for me.

I am a person of faith, but when things like this happen it is just such a reaffirmation of that faith. I do not know why God has chosen to provide for me and comfort me in the many ways He has these past weeks (months and years actually). I do not deserve it and have no explanation for it. But I know it is He who guides my path and provides what I need to help me through this awful patch.

Thanks for letting me share something good today


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How wonderful. I too received a gift many months after my husband passed. It was the day after one of the darkest days I had had since his passing.....it was a new friend...I met her in my new building I moved into and I know she was sent to me........keep the faith.

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Hi Angie,

This is God at work providing and watching out for widows..what a blessing..Believe me, this wonderful lady is truly blessed too because she was able to help you...Gestures of love doesn't happen unless God is in it...Thank you for sharing this story, it truly is a good one....Rochel

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Reading your story, my first thought was that is how God takes care of widows. He gives us angels on earth. Bless you and the woman who was His arms.


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