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Prayers For Kim (Moparlicious)

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Hi, some of you old-timers remember Kim, well she's unable to come on line but she wanted me to ask for your prayers. Her father passed away a month ago, her kids are seriously ill, Josh can't swallow and Missie has Chron's disease, shingles, and a yet unidentified autoimmune disease (they are 22 and 18), and if that wasn't enough, her car broke down and she has no $ to fix it. Her computer is down but I'm sure she'll check for messages when she is able to.

Please pray for this family, they have had more than their share.



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I hope you call feel us all rooting for you and your family, and it helps you gather your strength!

Big hugs!!!!!


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Thanks Kayc,

For letting you all know what has been happening to Kim,, Kim, I will keep you and your family in my prayers and ask God to wrap His arms around you all and help you get through this very troubling time for you... Love Shelley

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You and your children are in my heart and prayers, Kim. Hold on and I hope you can feel the hugs from MN.


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