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Another Birthday

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Today is Bill's birthday. After buying him a birthday gift for 37 years...and planning a wonderful day for him for 25 (and he did the same for me)....I find today day empty...like it is a nothing day...but it IS his birthday. He lived and his life had meaning and his kindness and love not only changed me forever (as did his death) but in the course of doing therapy and serving on the staff of three hospitals over 40+ years he contributed to the well being of many clients, helped them to save their own lives, and ministered to them when they had to be hospitalized. His life must be celebrated by me today. Memories flood my spirit. I have a busy day today (planned on purpose) and tonight I will light the candle I lit at his funeral, write whatever I write and read some of his poems. In the meantime, I am living in the past today.... Peace, Mary

A poem he wrote to me on my 61st birthday:

my eyes behold

when open your heart –

love,tenderness and grace i see

when tranquil your spirit –

peace, contentment and grace i see

when naked your soul –

transcendence, empowerment and the divine i see

how blessed are my eyes to behold

the depths of who you are.

thank you for opening to me the fragile

sanctuary of your inner spirit.

i shall cherish what i behold

for all of eternity.

all my love, bill

4 april 2001

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I agree! I used to love Dick's birthday. I loved cooking his favorite dinner, baking his favorite Wacky Cake, purchasing him just the right card and teasing him about being "so much older than me". (He was 4 years older than me) He always made my birthday special too. To me those days are just empty now, to.

I'm glad you have planned a busy day. Light that candle tonight and remember how lucky you were to have had a wonderful man in your life.

Thinking about you today.


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Hi mfh,

Glad you can have some peace on Bill's birthday, you're right it IS his birthday, and you shared so many. As you're doing, I hope one day to be able remember Donna's without too much pain. That poem is so thoughtful and sincere, thank you for sharing it.

praying for all those still suffering,

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