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Thank You, Marty And Everyone Here!

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I saw this poem on Facebook today (posted by the Soaring Spirits Loss Foundation).

I thought it was a great way to say thanks to Marty and to everyone here:

For your openness

For your willingness

For your courage

For your compassion

For sharing your past with us

For sharing your now with us

For sharing tomorrow's dreams with us

For helping us to create a safe and loving space for the people who will be widowed tomorrow or any of the days ahead...that provides them with proof that

they are not alone.

As we sit around Thanksgiving tables in places all over the country (world), we will be thankful for you...

and for the hope we create together.

Peace and love to all,


The Board of Directors of the Soaring Spirits Loss Foundation

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Thanks so much, Marty!

Peace to your loving heart,


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That goes double for me too, Marty! Thanks for sharing that, Mary.

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Yes, indeed Thank You!...this forum and all we have here has been a very big part in my healing...

May Peace Be With You Always

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What can you say but Thank You, Marty, for giving your time to those of us who are on this grief journey. Your wisdom, as our moderator, has given us tools that we need to move along on this journey. I thank you for the time you spend directing us to just the information we need.

Mary, the poem you have shared says it very clearly. Thank you for sharing it. Anne

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