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  1. Goodbye to my fur family

  2. Goodbye to my fur family

    Thank yous Marty, Kay, and George. This loss is really huge for me as my support person is gone too 😥
  3. My prayers for Easton as well.
  4. Articles Worth Reading

    Excellent article! I think I should read it often.
  5. You really are a great man George. There are times when having your grace sure would keep me from having to apologize or explain some of my comments and decisions. Take care of yourself. 🙏
  6. Goodbye to my fur family

    I had to put my last horse down last week. My Kachina 🐎 was with me to deal with so many troubling times and now she has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. For two months I tried to rehabilitate her but in the end I could see she was suffering too much. My barn is empty of animals. It doesn't look right and it certainly feels wrong to me. So much sorrow this year as well. I hope my two dogs will remain with me for years to come. I feel so lost.
  7. Bad day

    Kay said what I'm thinking. My prayers are with you and your family Butch ❤️ And prayers for all of those in danger of Irma. ❤️
  8. Gin, I second your hopes for safety for all our members in dangerous situations. ❤️ I also am hoping for some comfort for all of us who are hurting so much right now.
  9. Just wanted to tell you that as long as you visit here you are not completely alone. This is a cyber family that cares very much for each other. I do understand your feelings. I wish I could help you. 💔
  10. Wanting quiet in my brain

    Tomorrow marks 20 months. How can that be right? I still have not found the quiet I need for my brain. As one 'thing' becomes almost taken care of a new 'thing' flies into my face. I don't want to believe that this is what my life has become and will continue to be. I don't want to go on in this agonizing game of survival of the widow. I want to feel alive, feel like there is some kind of satisfying future for me. My heart feels for others who also find themselves in a similar situation. I can cry for them, their losses and feel some release from that pain. My heart goes out to anyone who is suffering and I try to help where I can. I'm not good or special, I just am me. I miss my husband and I miss me. I miss my old life. I miss having the luxury of quiet in my brain. Just my ramblings for today. I have no one else to talk to so I come here to try to unburden my brain.
  11. Peace in my Heart

    I admire your poem also. I am hoping for hopefulness.
  12. Bad day

    Holding you close to my heart and in my prayers Butch. What an amazing little miracle your grandson is. 🙏
  13. Update from Houston

    Thanks Kevin. Now I'm a little more educated and I appreciate your help. Depression and anxiety get the best of me during these times of devastation and I get quite overwhelmed with all the constant images showing the destruction. My brain doesn't process the information in a way that I can think clearly sometimes. The imagery brings me to where I think that this whole world is a mess and that I need to escape it. With my husband already gone the temptation to join him is strong. I am not at risk, I know how to help myself and I will do what it takes to reassure myself that stuff ain't that bad, especially for me. I try not to watch the TV or see what is on Facebook as it is not possible to filter out just the 'bad' images. I'm thankful to hear the news from Maryanne and others on here as the filter is set just right. Take care all.
  14. I love what you have done ❤️