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Jan Thurman's Dale's Angelversary

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Jan, my thoughts and prayers are with you today. I know how hard this day is...it continues to be for me when that time rolls around. I hope you are able to be with your mom and daughter today.



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Prayer to you today, Jan. Wishing you peace and strength today.


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Thank you all very much for thinking of me. I did not see it until today as I have alot going on with moving and with my mom in a foster home so I haven't been logging on lately. My daughter, me and my grandson did a little memorial. My son-in-law had to work. It was a dreary showery day but we went down to the river where we had put Dale's ashes. We walked out onto the bridge across the Siuslaw. I had written Dale a letter so I tore it up in tiny pieces and threw it in the river. Then I had bought a dozen roses and we pulled all the petals off and threw them in the river. Then I popped the top on a can of Coors Beer which was the only brand my husband drank. Then the sun started shining. I took a couple of swigs of beer (which I hate the taste of) and then poured the rest into the river. At that very moment a bird sang. I said to my daughter is that a bird singing she said yes, and I think it is dad thanking you for the beer. We walked through the campground for a ways and talked and then we went to the Gingerbread House where we always used to stop and eat on the way to the coast and had lunch. I am in my 4th support session and I go out with my new friend that I met in my second support group session who lost her husband just over a year ago. We belong to a knitting group and I am knitting like crazy. I find it so relaxing. I just want to get this moving over and done. Not sure if my mom will ever be able to come home and live with me - but even if she can I am really not ready to look after someone yet I'm still trying to look after myself and until then she will have to stay in the foster home. It is a wonderful place and I have no worries with her being taken care of. Again, thank you for your thoughts and I hope all of you are getting through this terrible journey that we all are on. Jan

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