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Alex's Birthday

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Hi Everyone:

Today is Alex's birthday. He would have been 55. This is the first birthday that I am spending without him. I sent him happy birthday wishes and hope that he is enjoying himself with my father and mother and his father and mother. Pretty soon in June, it will be my one year anniversary without him.

Love and God Bless


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Praying you get through this day...there will never be a birthday, or anniversary or death day that we don't think of them...continuously. Our hearts are with you.

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Jeanne, wishing you empathy and strength across the Atlantic Ocean. The 16th of March was Cliff's 53rd Birthday and I had my first counselling session and told Cliff (speak to him all the time!) that my present to him this year was my promise to do my best to make him proud of me. In the evening two of his friends came round for a few drinks so that I had company. One of them said, "who is that drink for" (it was on the side in the kitchen) and I said, "oh, that's Cliff's". What I am trying to say is do what you want in the evening after the busyness of the day is gone. If you are strong and raise a glass to him, or light a candle or do whatever it is you want to do, you may not feel so strong the following day, that's when it really punched me in the gut! But that's ok too isn't it?

Our loves were all too young, and it feels so grossly unfair, but I have a strong belief that we will be together again when it is our time, and they will be waiting for us to fly into their strong arms.

Hope you are ok and get through the day alright.

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