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Happy Birthday, Boo!

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I hope that today you are spending your day the way YOU want to and something good comes your way! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



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Boo - - I'm sorry I'm late wishing you a happy birthday. I do hope you got to spend it at your sister's, and I also hope that you got through the day without too much sadness.

Much love,


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You know what it meant to me :-)

I am more touched by your messages than I was by my colleagues, family and friends, because you know how it feels and even though you are all hurting you sent me messages.

I spent the day with my sister and it went ok because I spoke about Cliff incessantly (my favourite subject ;-). My sis was lovely and had got me flowers, girlie stuff for the bathroom and a cake. The cake made me feel a bit wobbly because I had to blow out a candle. She was lovely though and her boyfriend used to be a chef so he cooked yummy dinners indoors :-)

The next day I had a good long cry and I knew it was coming ... one day at a time.

thanks again, you are all beautiful people


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