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Happy Anniversary, Dear

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Today Charlie and I would have been married 20 years. I'm sad knowing that we didn't get to spend all that time together, but I will get through the day as I know he would not want me to be sad all day.

I still miss him so much - even after almost 5 years. I love you, Dear...I always will!! Happy, Happy 20th anniversary!! I wish we were celebrating together - I know it would have been a very special anniversary. You ALWAYS made them special. Thank you for being in my life!


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one of our members has a shortened version of this poem on her signature and I think it is beautiful. I just read your post and thought of it straight away, so am sending it to you with anniversary wishes.

Eskimo Legend

When someone you love departs,

let this legend be on your heart,

The Eskimos say that this is true;

maybe this thought will somehow help you.

When we look up to the stars,

that seem so awfully far,

maybe they are not stars in the sky,

but a way to say goodbye;

loved ones' souls shining down

for the ones still here on the ground.

This is their way of saying don't be sad,

with little lights when we feel so bad.

perhaps this is wonderfully true,

so, I will smile when the light comes through

for it will be the soul of the one we love,

still shining down from up above.

be it legend or be it true,

I will always think it was you!

Just little openings into Heaven's door

What love I feel, I couldn't ask for more.

~ Sandra E. Beguhn

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Dear Patti:

I look at the picture of Charlie and I often think how he must have been such a happy guy. He is smiling so nicely. He still is smiling so nicely think of you on this day.

Think of all those happy memories you and Charlie had.

Love and God Bless,


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Hi Patti, you have been with me here on this site since day one and I'm so grateful. These last few years I feel like I've known Charlie and YOU and I hope this day will be gentle and filled with good memories. Happy Anniversary Patti and Charlie! Love you, Deborah

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Happy Anniversary, I only wish Charlie could be here with you physically, but you know, he's never completely left you. I'm glad you got to be with grandkids today! :)


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