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Hi Everyone..its been along time since i posted anything still come and read often..just wanted to let everyone know that there is life after all the saddness for me it has a little over 3 years since i lost my husband Bruce..a year ago i meet the most wonderful man that has help me deal with Bruce's death and we have become very close..Thursday night we became engaged..no wedding date set as of yet but i am very happy and i know that Bruce would be to..so i just thought that it would be nice to have some good news for a change..thank you to everyone that was here when i need someone to talk to and cry with...love gail :wub:

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Congratulations! I hope you are very happy. It is a hard thing to have to spend your life alone, esp. when you've known so much happiness.

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Gail! You don't know me but you have given me hope for my daughter! It has been 18 months since Scott died. And I hope one day she will find a great man! This forum has its ups and downs but the longer you stay on you find there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks=you just made my day!


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