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Hello everyone,

I wanted to tell you about what has been going on with me. I went on vacation with my son and drove to Florida where my dad has a second house and stayed there for a few days. He had to come back to South Carolina so my Step-Mom, Carson and I drove up to Disney World yesterday and spent the day and night there. For those of you who are new here this is where my wife died a little over 2 years ago. I was dreading it a little being that we were going to her favorite park Magic Kingdom. But to see the happiness my son had in finally getting to do what he was unable to do 2 years ago. There were only a few times where we had a little down time when my mind would get to thinking but for the most part it was a great time even though it rained most of the afternoon and evening. I believe it was easier than I thought just due to the fact that we weren't staying at the hotel or riding on the busses where she died. I may try and conquer that hill later. For now I just thought I would share the steps forward that my son and I made. We are back in South Carolina for a few days before we drive back to Texas. I love you all and hope all is well.

Love always


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I am so happy for both of you, you have made great strides and I know it has not been easy, it's been one foot in front of another, one day at a time. I'm glad you were able to enjoy a little vacation together!



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