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My Councelor Suggested I Write

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So i was told that one of the ways to healing was to keep a journal to vent, write down all your thoughts or to write letters to that person. Thats what I've been doing. Today I wrote a poem, and i just wanted to share it...its like i believe he will see it/hear it...Feel free to post your letters here....

To my true love:

I’ll never forget the day we met…you swept me completely off of my feet

Those eyes, that face and smile so sweet

It was due to feit that we would meet…

It was only the next day that you made me yours and you mine

I will never forget you my love…until the absolute end of time

You showed me true love in your own special way

Took me out on dates and made every occasion a memorable day

Head over heels in love we would fall

We laughed, we smiled, on top of the world, we stood tall

Saying I love you more than 10 times a day

Seeing each other every free moment of each and every day

We would travel the world and share every moment

You were my first true love, forever to be we were meant

There wasn’t a day with you I wouldn’t spend

You were my prince, my knight in shining armour

Many thought you were just a charmer

Little did they know, you would make me your life

I did too, and hoped someday to be your wife

Thank you for the amazing memories my love

This poem I send to heaven above

Youre my angel now that I know for sure

You still have that glow and heart forever pure

I will hold dearly and will forget you not

Till we meet in heaven I will miss you a lot …

Save a place for me my first true love

When the gates of heaven open to you I want to come…

Sleep sweet Zubeir, the one that showed me what life should be

Im so glad I found you, even though you’re now not with me

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Thank you for sharing your poem with us. I have been writing to George since he died. He was and always will be my dearest friend. He is the one I turn to in life.

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What a wonderful poem and writing, I feel much of the same feelings you expressed, and Yes "its like i believe he will see it/hear it"he has indeed seen and heard it as he was there while you were writing it!, I know each day Ruth is with me, I feel her spirit and I hear her talk to me, I also feel her sadness that she's not here with me at times, knowing and feeling all those feelings is what gets me thru each day along with my faith and being able to help someone here or in person get thru some rough times, if I can give just the smallest amount of comfort, hope or advise to someone and they find comfort I feel very good...another thing I have found that gives me comfort is I tell Ruth good morning everyday and goodnight every evening, we all deal with our feelings different but the ultimate goal is to find some sort of peace and comfort in this new life we now are faced with....so keep writing and have a positive energy flow as much as you can your doing great....


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What a beautiful testament to the love you both shared. I am so sorry for your loss. Keep writing....



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Thank for for sharing your wonderful poem with us. I too have found much comfort in writing to Scott (though I haven't written to him for a bit, I will when the mood strikes), and I continue to talk to him all the time.


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I also enjoyed the poem. I relate to your post NATS, I have found the same connection with my wife that you speak of with Ruth. I don't so much hear with my ears what she is saying but I can feel it with my heart as I have mentioned before. This spiritual connection is so strong at times it overwhelms me with love and gratitude, it brings me to my knees. I never used my heart to love another person, it was always physical or kind of a superficial attempt at best. I truly believe in "soul mates" and I know we were put in the same time and place on this earth for a reason. I'd like to share one of my morning readings that I think fits in nicely with this topic...."The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched but are felt in the heart".....Helen Keller. That one hit me in the heart this morning. BW

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It definately does help in some way...writing things in a journal, crying and talking out loud...somehow does help...

My poem was theraputic for me in that I also got to post it here and knew that somehow people could relate in some way...

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