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The video was beautifully done. This is exactly the type of thing that will help you heal. We need to memoralize our loved one. It is one of the tools which helps us to move forward. Beautiful - just Beautiful.

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Perfect way to show the world the love you shared....you have given me inspiration to share Ruth with the world as well, Thank You, you are showing positive energy that'a a great thing to share....brought tears to my eyes as I can place the two of you together and I know how it feels to be apart....but we have things like that video and evrything in our minds to remember to keep us going....

Take care and God Bless


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My daughter created this video for me, I thought it was beautiful and felt it necessary to share. I understand if no one wants to watch it, but I want to share Jeff with the world.

that is just beautiful Perkins. I hope it brought some little comfort if possible. I am also trying to put together something like this for my Mom. I am trying to get lots of photos that other family members have because they have some where my Dad is not actually posing for the camera which are photos I love.

I am planning to get a digitial photo frame that can add music to the background so I can add their fav songs as a Christmas gift and I hope it is something my Mom will treasure and like. My Dad and I always planned her presents, her surprises and now I'm left alone (no siblings) and simply hoping this would be a nice part of a gift for her.

I also found a lot of little voice clips a while back where my Dad was describing every photo he was taking when we were all on a cruise together. My Mom does not yet know I have this, it meant so so much to me to have his voice because he never had a cell phone so I thought it was gone forever. Rather than just playing them for her, I want to get it put together properly with the photos to play on tv. It was only about 2 weeks before I found them that my Mom asked to see a video where she thought his voice was on it, but she was mistaken as it was actually her sister in the video who she lost 4 years ago.I guess my Dad sent them to me when I found them 2 weeks later.

I would appreciate anyone's thoughts on this , if this would be something nice for Christmas for my Mom. My Dad left this world on 17th December 2009 so we dread the holiday so so much. I certainly don't want to "add" anything more painful (although it's probably not actually possible to make it worse). I know it's something she will like but my fear is giving it to her at Christmas time,



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What a beautiful video, how great that your daughter made it! He looks too young to be gone, you look like such a happy family. I'm glad you had him in your life.

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Watched your video of Jeff, he looks like a wonderful guy, great smile and lots of love in his eyes.

You were a beautiful bride, made a beautiful couple. You both looked so happy in the pictures.The music was also beautiful.

Hugs, Lainey.

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