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Happy Birthday, Marty!

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I, being the eldest member of this forum (I believe), am taking it upon myself to wish you a joyous birthday on Sunday from everyone here. How grateful we all are for YOU! Happy day.

Health and peace be yours for many more years.


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I posted something earlier but everyone is so serious that I thought I'd better change my birthday wish to you.

Have a very Happy Birthday tomorrow and enjoy laughter and cake (chocolate) as you celebrate with friends and family. We are blessed to have you as our moderator. Peace be with you and I saved a piece of my cake from December just in case you don't get chocolate for your B/Day. It goes best with milk. Anne


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We all hope you're having a good day, Marty, spent with those you love doing what you love best! Happy Birthday!

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Dear Marty,

Happy birthday and all wonderful returns of the day.

Thank you for being the compassionate and wise person you are for all of us here.

I wish for you the best of everything, and



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In keeping with a family tradition:

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Marty, happy birthday to you.



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