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Changes I'm Making

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You know me and chocolate, Marty. I can never get enough of it.  I do like other desserts but chocolate stands alone. ;)


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Your granddaughter is certainly adorable, Anne!  Did someone make her that outfit?  so cute!

What you are doing is wonderful.  Our pastor's wife has to work fulltime and commute like I used to, but she's been seeing the need for visiting people who need it, but with her schedule, isn't able to, but she found someone else willing.  I can't commit to something like that because my schedule is already pretty full, but if it ever lightens...

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As I continue to move forward on my journey I am taking another 'At-Home-Retreat' day ~ this is an opportunity for me to do something for me. I have been planning this for a few weeks now and decided that Thursday, the 15th will be the day I set aside the entire day to renew my soul.  If interested in learning about my 'At-Home-Retreat' I have attached a PDF that I will be following. I am five years into my grief journey and I have found myself going down many different paths. It did not happen in the beginning but it is now. What seemed a dark and despairing time, in the beginning, is opening new hope for me today. The one thing that we learn on this grief journey is that it takes work. There is hope after loss. We are strong and resilient. Those early in their grief do not want to hear this right now but later you might want to know that after a storm comes a rainbow. I still journal today and always find something someone has written to encourage me to live the fullest I know how. 



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Thank you, I've saved that!

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I am closing this chapter of my journey.  I so appreciate those who supported me and I will keep the posts open for anyone who may want to read them. 


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Peace and Stillness in Your Hearts

May 2018 bring new beginnings to you.

May kindness spin all around you in the form of confetti. 

May what you think bring you joy.

May your heartaches not be as numerous as 2017.

And as you enter into a new year may you be grateful for all that you have.






Let go of envy.

Let go of negativity.

Let go of anything that does not serve you.

Just allow what is to Be Enough.

Focus on good intentions.

Focus on a passion that you can live with.

Focus on serving others as it combats loneliness.

Focus on good self-care.

Read daily for Reading is Knowledge.

Step into worlds that widen your understanding of other cultures.

Listen to music for I believe it is music that brings you closer to your soul.

Forgive yourself.

Work in your gardens.

Love animals.

Laugh each day for it is healthy to do so.

Rid yourself of clutter ~ for we all have too much stuff.

And do eat chocolate.


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